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Drabble: Acting (Super Junior)

Title: Acting
Pairing: None. Sungmin-centric
Rating: PG
Genre: General?
Length: 284 words.
Summary: Sungmin needed to have them at the tips of his fingers at all times, to be able to move their puppet strings without hassle.
A/N: I wrote this when I was angry/upset/depressed last week. I feel like I need to write a really happy Sungmin fic because of this. =/

Sungmin thought he should win awards for his acting abilities. No, he doesn’t mean his performances on stage or screen. He means the performances in the dorms, in the company cars, with the other members. He’s a master of hiding how he really feels, and the snide one-liners that flash through his mind, by using the cute act.

He could honestly care less if Donghae’s shoe went missing or if Kyuhyun needed a new facial wash, but he would nod and smile hopefully and get up and help them. Sungmin needed to have them at the tips of his fingers at all times, to be able to move their puppet strings without hassle.

His act worked the best when he decided to make up a problem to see how the others would react. “I lost my favorite stuffed pink bunny” to “I think I got raped when I was wasted the other night.”

Usually the response was exactly how he wanted it. Leeteuk would rush over to him like a mother to try and soothe him, Ryeowook would start making his favorite meal, and Eunhyuk would hold him like the best friend Sungmin tricked him into thinking he was.

The only one who Sungmin couldn’t wrap around his finger was Heechul. Heechul was the single member who saw right through Sungmin and seemed to analyze Sungmin’s every move.

Sungmin shrugs it off though – Kibum used to be the same, his eyes always searching for something behind his glasses, his bright smile hidden behind pursed lips. One day though, Sungmin put the act on extra strong and Kibum fell into the trap where everyone but Heechul would reside until Sungmin grew tired of them all.

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Aww! This was really well written. I enjoyed reading it. ^^

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Wow~ Conspiring Sungmin~ This fits perfectly with my friend's image of him where she thinks he looks like a rat. I blame his nose. I just tend to look at his eyes and hair. Lol. I liked the story thing! O.-

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I know, I don't get it either. If he looks like a rat, then it's a cute one. Even if his nose is a little pointed..... :)

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Lol, me too! *Conspires to dress him up in a kitty suit*

It's snowing..... I wanna go for a walk, but it's snowing. Yay.

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Totally! Should we invite Heechul to the party? *Evil Laugh*

True, but it's so cold. Evil Canada. Actually, I should stop complaining, normally it's 30 below, but lately it's been around zero, so I won't complain anymore ^^ Maybe I will go for a walk.

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Mwahahaha! At the same time! Key is one of my favorites! I think he ranks higher than Heenim! (Don't tell them that though)

Doesn't it rain more than snow in New England? (Lol, no idea)

I don't do well in temperatures below zero, which is ironic since it's Canada I live in.

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Jo Kwon kicks ass. Lol, my friends texting me about how shes switching between Laura Croft and The Knight's Tale, and she told me that Heath Ledger is hot. I told her that Hyukjae and Donghae are hotter. Her reply:

Good point but I would like to see Hyuk and Hae joust. Lol.

My ears are burning. I just went for an hour (or so) long walk. :D

I got a slushie too! Bubblegum flavour!

I like rain better than snow anyway!

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haha! We share the same bias!

Try daily walks to get slushies then! Might do better. He

And rain can't turn into ice unless it gets cold over night. Snow is pretty much guarrented to!

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*Hugs after High Fiving*

*Gasps* I feel sorry for you! I know how that feels, I just recently (wait is last November recent) moved to a town that has some stores.

Same here with snow. At least it's much warmer that normal this year.

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I really like this manipulative Sungmin. It was short, simple, and good!

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I enjoyed this as much! :) cute Sungmin! :">