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Drabble: Force (Super Junior)

Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut.
Length: Drabble. 242 words.
Pairings: Hanchul
Summary: "Well," he said as he stood up, finally off his knees. "That was fun. My turn."
A/N: Funny what watching woman's speed skating makes you want to write. Random smut. Yeah, fantastic right? As short as this is, I worked hard on making it just right for you all. It's my first posted smut. Oooooh~ /bricked Yeah, I know. =|

"Ow Hankyung, that's still attached," Heechul said, removing his lips from Hankyung's cock. "Don't touch my hair."

Hankyung groaned, untangling his fingers from their tight grip in Heechul's hair, and tried to get Heechul to continue what he was doing. Heechul being Heechul, however, refused.

"No, Hannie," he purred, combing his fingers slowly through the thick patch of hair around Hankyung's cock. "You know you can't force me..."

Hankyung sighed in a defeated manner and closed his eyes, accepting that he wouldn't get his way. Which was exactly what Heechul had been waiting for.

Heechul's lips surrounded Hankyung's cock again in seconds, his tongue working up and down the shaft while his hands caressed up and down Hankyung's thighs. He smirked as he began to suck harder, watching as Hankyung began to writhe on the bed.

Hankyung grabbed for the sheets he was on, working hard not to grab Heechul's hair again. He thrust his hips forward, coaxing Heechul to take him completely in his mouth.

Heechul caught on quickly and took Hankyung deep into his throat, letting the younger man's member continually pound into his mouth.

"Shit- Heechul. I think- Heechul, I'm go- I'm going to-"

Hankyung threw back his head, letting out a loud moan as he came into Heechul's mouth. Heechul swallowed every drop, licking his lips after to catch whatever he missed.

"Well," he said as he stood up, finally off his knees. "That was fun. My turn."

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