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drabble collections #1 (super junior m, b2st, arashi, news, 2pm)

Back about a month ago, I think, I got bored every night and had [ profile] x_tsubasa_x3  give me a pairing. I would write a little drabble for them and then go to bed. They're multiple fandoms and various genres. ^^v

kyuhyun wasn't the type to get easily excited or emotional over things. he liked to take things as they come, occasionally giving out sarcasm to express how he really feels about the situation. however, when the fans cheered zhou mi's name loudly for the world to hear, kyuhyun felt a swell of pride and happiness for zhou mi finally getting the support he deserved from the beginning. "did you hear them, kuixian?" he'd be asked later. "did you hear them all cheer?" and he'd nod and hug zhou mi, pulling back to wipe the tears off zhou mi's cheeks. "i heard them. about damn time, too."

doojoon was called the perfect one by the media, but the reporters, netizens, fans- the all missed the way yoseob would rush water to a tired member or encourage another idol to push forward and do their best. doojoon saw all this, everyday and wondered why no one outside of their group of idols didn't see it. yooseob always did what he could, a helpful bright smile on his face and he would come running over doojoon after. "did i do enough? they'll be okay, right?" doojoon would only be able to let a smile take over his face before pulling yoseob in a close hug. "you did fine, don't worry." yoseob would smile brighter, his hand latched around doojoon's before leading him around the dorm or practice room, talking about anything that popped into his head. "you guys might as well just say 'i do' and make if official already," junhyung said. "let's go find a priest!" yoseob joked, laughing loud enough to get the others to join in. doojoon again wondered why he was called the perfect one, when to him, perfection stood in front of him with blond hair.

sho walked around the hotel room, checking every nook and cranny for any pranks nino or jun might have planted. as he bent down to check under the bed, he heard a laugh. "sho-chan is giving aiba a nice view~" sho moved to stand up quickly, hitting his head on the bed's sideboard. "ow..." "are you okay, sho?" aiba asked, sitting down next to sho's collapsed form. "i can kiss it better if you want?" then aiba snickered and sho thought sweet, kind aiba had been replaced with jun when he pms-ed. "i'm fine sho. are we rooming together this time?" "don't we always? ohno and nino won't split up and jun wants a room alone." aiba helped sho stand up. "i wouldn't worry about pranks this time. i asked ohno to keep nino busy and jun won't do it alone." sho felt a bubble of love and joy for the man in front of him until he realized something. "aiba. what room did ohno and nino take?" "the one right next... door." they both cringed. hotel walls were always thin and ohno only had one way of keeping nino busy. "way to go aiba." "... do you think jun-chan will trade with us if we ask really nice?" "aiba, do you even know jun?" 'ugh my life' thought sho. 'why is it always me?' aiba seemed determined to help them out by building something. "sho-chan, do you need these pants?"

tegoshi pouted. "i'm sorry taka. i didn't think the prank would go like that." massu turned away from tegoshi, trying not to be angry. tegoshi liked to prank and that was fine, but he just didn't know when to stop sometimes. "taka?" massu could hear the plead in tegoshi's voice. "tegoshi, you really need to be careful with your pranks- i could have broken my foot." "i'm sorry, taka. i'll be more careful from now on. friends?" "... of course." - "tego, i'm sorry." massu wiped the dumpling sauce of this chin. "i didn't mean to eat all of the gyoza." tegoshi was frowning, an angry crease between his brows. "massu, did you eat before we went out?" "... maybe." tegoshi sighed angrily. "did you have to eat the gyoza i paid for? i wanted some." massu pouted and tegoshi felt like an asshole. "i'm sorry tego, i'll watch how much i eat from now on. friends?" "always, taka. always."

wooyoung loved the dance for 'mister'. he danced to it around the dorm, in rehersal, everywhere he could. nickhun watched him, unable to look away from wooyoung. smile bright on his face, wooyoung would pull nickhun into dancing with him and how could nickhun say no to him? then came 'bo peep' and wooyoung loved that dance just as much. when asked to do both songs for gayo daejun, wooyoung said yes immediately, throwing nickhun's name in too. "why?" nickhun asked later. "i don't want to do it without you?" was wooyoung's reply. to be honest, nickhun was hesitant to do it. not because he didn't like dancing with wooyoung, but because he couldn't watch wooyoung dance to those songs without needing to run to the bathroom after. "what's you issue?" junho asked once. nickhun struggled to word it right. "his... his ass. i can't-" "oh..." junho chuckled. "you'll get over it. or maybe not." since when was junho the mean member? nickhun sighed and refused to look at wooyoung in the mirror as he practiced the 'mister' dance. 'this is going to be terrible.' - the day of gayo daejun came and nickhun was afraid. not of messing up, but of wooyoung. the other boy knew it too, from the way nickhun would flinch when he stood too close or said hi in the morning. "khun, what's your issue?" wooyoung asked before 'mister'. "you can tell me anything." nickhun sighed. wooyoung would find out soon, all the other members knew (junho really was the mean member). "well-" "wait, time to go on! tell me after, okay? let's go!" wooyoung smiled at nickhun. - the performance went without a problem, due to nickhun putting an imaginary wall between him and wooyoung. but as soon as they were backstage, wooyoung cornered. "tell me what's up." nickhun took a deep breath. "well, woo. these dances? i, i mean, you- dance and then i- bathroom and-" "... do the butt shakes turn you on?" 'damn it' "... yes." "oh. well then," wooyoung grinned. "let's just go get ready for 'bo peep'." nickhun smiled in relief. "okay." - he should have known better than to let his guard down. during 'bo peep', wooyoung went all out. junho and junsu snickered at nickhun once it ended as the thai prince made his way to the bathroom. when he opened the door, wooyoung was leaning against the sink, smirk on his face. he was with jokwon far too much. "let me help you with that, khunnie."

shige thought koyama was obnoxious in every way. the way he shouted every time something got him excited. the way he changed the choreography to suit his 'style'. the way he oozed out member ai, every time a fan was near. the way he made shige's pulse beat faster with every laugh, smile, everything he did. ryo knew (shige wondered how anyone couldn't know that this point) that shige was basically almost in love with koyama. he made a point of laughing at shige about it every time he could. shige never wanted to punch someone and hide in a corner at the same time more in his life. the thing about koyama though, is that he's so oblivious to shige's feelings that it's almost cute. "i'm waiting for him to call you out on it," ryo said one night. "he isn't that stupid." shige shook his hand. he'd rather keep pretending koyama was dim than deal with reality.

I'm not happy with two of them, but oh well. This was a way for me to expand how I write and what not. ^^

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OMG I remember all of these. :D

I still have them on my phone and I read them frequently. ^^

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It's a three-way tie between the Dooseob, Koyashige and Sakuraiba. :D