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oneshot; do it (move it) (super junior)

Title: Do It (Move It)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut. Pretty much nothing but until the end.
Length: Oneshot, 1087 words
Pairing: Kibum/Donghae
Summary: "The song changed again and this time, a pair of arms slid their way around Donghae's waist."
A/N: I miss KiHae, okay?  I don't write it much, but it's my OTP. I love it. I actually never felt like I could give it justice until earlier this week, so I wrote this and I'm pretty content with how it ended it up.

Donghae wasn't one for clubs or bars. However, he found himself trailing after Heechul one night, excited for hours of dancing with strangers.

"Donghae, just have a sip!" Heechul demanded, a glass of something bright and pink held out. "You're how old and you won't drink? Have some!"

The younger man laughed and pushed Heechul's hand back towards its owner. "I'm going to go dance, hyung. Don't leave with out telling me."

Heechul shooed him away before taking a sip of the most-likely fruit flavored drink.

The music's heavy beat pulled Donghae to the center of the dance floor. His body moved naturally to the song's bass. It felt like hours later that the song finally changed and people formed tighter groups, shifting closer to each other and moving to the same rhythm. Soon, they were all close enough where everyone was barely a quarter of an inch away. Donghae loved dancing and got a thrill from being so close to people while he did what he loved.

The song changed again and this time, a pair of arms slid their way around Donghae's waist. He quickly turned his head, coming face-to-face with a smile. Donghae smiled back and the man seemed to grow a little more confident.

"Hey," he said, leaning close to Donghae's ear while he pulled them closer together.

"Hey," Donghae replied, in slight awe of the attractive man holding him.

"What's your name?" the man asked.

"Donghae, you?"

"Kibum," he replied, rolling his hips against Donghae. The dancer shivered at the feeling of Kibum so close to him. "Let's move somewhere else?"

"Okay," Donghae said, excited and a little nervous at the same time.
The secluded hallways in clubs was where couples who decided they wanted a little more privacy ran off too. Donghae found himself being pushed against a wall in an empty hallway, Kibum's tongue down his throat and a hand down his pants.

Kibum curled his fingers around Donghae's cock, giving long strokes until Donghae's hips thrust into his hand. He grinned into the kiss, moving to Donghae's neck. He nipped and sucked playfully before working his way to the shirt collar and removing the shirt completely.

Donghae's hands were fisted in the back of Kibum's shirt, hips thrusting freely into Kibum's hand. "M-more," he managed to groan. "I n-need more."

Kibum pulled away from Donghae's collarbone and smirked. "I can do that."

Before Donghae could question what he meant, Kibum was on his knee's and Donghae had his pants pooled around his feet. He moaned when Kibum licked the tip of his dick before wrapping his lips around the length.

Looking down at Kibum almost finished Donghae, the sight of Kibum's head bobbing up and down on his cock completely erotic. He bit back a moan when Kibum run his tongue against the swollen vein, taking Donghae to the hilt. Kibum hummed and Donghae couldn't hold back the moan this time, his hands tangling themselves in Kibum's hair.

Kibum quickened his pace, Donghae's hips thrusting to meet his mouth. Donghae moaned every time Kibum took him all the way in. Just as he was about to come, Kibum released with a 'pop'

"W-what? Why?"

Kibum didn't answer, leaning in and kissing Donghae slowly. The taste of himself was on Kibum's tongue and Donghae sighed, pulling Kibum closer.

"Time for you to take some things off, right?" Donghae said into the kiss.

"Maybe," Kibum replied, slipping his shirt over his head. "Better?"

Some unknown courage was flowing into Donghae as he slid his hand slowly down Kibum's chest and under his waistband. "A little." His fingers slid quickly over Kibum's cock and the other man inhaled sharply.

Donghae was encouraged by Kibum's reaction and tightened his grip, moving his hand faster. He leaned in and sucked on Kibum's neck.

Kibum groaned, his hands moving over Donghae's body before pulling away. "We should take this somewhere else."

"Like where?"

"My place."

Donghae paused. "Your place?"

"Is that okay?" Kibum held Donghae's cheek softly. "We don't have to if you don-"

"No!" Donghae exclaimed. "Let's go."

They got themselves dressed and left the club, quickly hailing a taxi. On the road, while Kibum was kissing him senseless, Donghae had a slight feeling he forgot to do something.
The next morning, Donghae woke up a little sore and exhausted. Kibum was close against his back, an arm over Donghae's waist.

'Well, at least he's nice,' Donghae thought with a smile. He slipped out of Kibum's hold, the man stirring awake slowly, and dug in his pocket for his phone.

-3 missed calls: Heechul-

Immediately, Donghae felt guilty. "Shit."

"You okay?" Kibum asked, his voice gravely from sleep.

"My friend- I left without telling him last night. He's going to be so pissed." Donghae dialed his voice mail and Heechul's screeching yells filled the room.

"- and I can't believe you just left me! Lee Donghae, I swear if you weren't one of my few favorites, I'd kill you. You better call me as soon as you get this!"

"Well," Kibum said, "he sounds pretty pissed."

"He probably still is, too. I better go home so he doesn't kill me or-"

"Can I go with you?" Kibum asked.

"W-what? But then he'll kill you! He's like a mom on dru-"

Kibum's smile turned sheepish. "I can handle him. And- I haven't been with someone in a while, and I feel like I could actually like you. I'd like to try this out."

"O-okay," Donghae said, eyes wide. He broke into a grin and nodded. "Yeah, okay. Let's- let's go."

They got to Donghae's apartment a little while later and Donghae was clearly nervous.

"You'll be fine," Kibum said before wrapping his arm around Donghae's shoulders.

Donghae knocked on the door and Heechul opened it right away.

"Donghae, where the fuck wer- Kibum?"

"You know him?" Donghae asked, just as confused as Heechul looked.

"We were in an acting class together two years ago. Hyung, can we come in?"

"Fine." Heechul rolled his eyes and moved out of the doorway.

Kibum grabbed Donghae's hand and turned to Heechul after they stepped into the apartment. He gave Heechul a serious look before speaking.

"I'd like your permission to date Donghae."

It took them four and a half minutes to calm Heechul down before he agreed.

("I'm not allowed a one night stand and lots of booze, but you can get head from a Sex god?!"

"I told you he'd be mad, Kibum.")

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