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oneshot; creatures (super junior)

Title: Creatures
Rating: PG
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae friendship
Length: 1,637 words
A/N: This was written back in March for a class. I had been meaning to post it. But I forgot. ^^;;

The Creashifter was devious by nature, changing into the most harmless animals day after day. It waited until it felt “at home” enough in its new body before starting any real destruction. One day, it would be a chipmunk, the next – a robin. Every time it shifted, it did the very best job it could to create the worst scenarios for the species of the mask it was wearing.

The thing about Creashifters was that, usually, there was only one existing at a time. Nobody had an idea of how they were created, they more… Existed. Most thought it was better that only one was around for generations at a time. The thought of more than just one was terrifying and something not to be thought of.

Many years ago, one of the nicer Creashifters that have existed, tried to form itself into a rabbit and a squirrel at the same time, creating a crossbreed that people spoke of for decades and searched for for centuries.

Obviously, it was never found and was put into the books as an illusion seen by an exhausted field worker. The Creashifter could be roaming through our towns this second, passing off as the most innocent animal until it decides to strike, causing a stir of excitement and mayhem in the news.

Hopefully, sometime in the near future, someone will find, and tame, the Creashifter, stopping the danger they cause in their fluffy shells…

Hyukjae was your average seventeen-year-old boy who enjoyed listening to his grandfather’s tall tales of his hunts. Hunts for a mysterious being named a Creashifter. Grandpa always talked about how ‘back in his day’ everyone was looking for the creature, hoping to turn it in to officials for a reward.

Creashitfers were ‘dangerous’ and ‘unpredictable’. Grandpa always told Hyukjae to be on his feet, aware of every little forest animal he came across. This made Hyukjae more than hyperaware of his surroundings, later on making it difficult for him to do the average teenage activities. He became paranoid, wary, and fearful of little bunnies he saw in the garden.

His mother shook her head every time he acted out over it. The worst was right after he turned seventeen. He came running in the house, frantic and a sheen of sweat over his face.

“Hyukjae?” she asked. “Hyukjae, are you okay?”

He shook his hand and ran upstairs to his room, slamming the door shut.

His mother shook her head and went back to the dishes. Hyukjae, however, was sitting on his bed, shaking slightly from the news his grandfather told him.

“Since your father would never listen to my stories, you’ll be taking over my search for the Creashifter. You’re old enough to go out into the world now anyway.”

Hyukjae never disliked his grandfather more. How could he ask this of him, he wasn’t even an adult! Hyukjae didn’t want to do this, he was too scared of everything. He couldn’t listen to birds chirp in the early morning hours without letting out a squeal.

Sometimes his father joked that he had a daughter instead of a son. Hyukjae didn’t appreciate the jokes.

He knew he had to do this though. His grandfather was counting on him to keep up the family name. He really didn’t want to do though.

Three weeks later, Hyukjae was equipped with a large backpack, a sleeping bag the size of him, canned food, a lantern, and other camping things.

‘This feels like Pokémon or something,’ he thought. ‘Why am I doing this again?’

He adjusted the straps of his backpack, seeing his grandfather beaming at him, pride glowing in his eyes.

Hyukjae inwardly groaned. ‘That’s why.’

His parents smiled, quite fakely he might add, seemingly happy that he was doing something with his life. On the inside, Hyukjae knew they were grimacing about his choice.

“Good luck, Hyukjae!” his grandfather shouted from the door. Apparently, that was Hyukjae’s cue to get going.

He turned towards the road, sighed, and took his first step into his personal hunt for the Creashifter.

“He won’t find anything,” his father said later that night, flipping the page of his evening news paper.

“I doubt he’ll even look,” replied his mother, sipping her coffee.

Hyukjae trudged through the woods and tall patches of grass that surrounded him as he moved along. It was getting darker, and he didn’t like the thought of being alone at night in a forest with the possibility of the Creashifter coming to get him.

After he settled into his big sleeping bag, he again asked himself why he did this and how was he going to do what his grandfather asked of him. Closing his eyes, Hyukjae drifted off to sleep…

A light tapping on his tent woke him up. Hyukjae sat up straight, grabbing the heavy lantern next to him. The tapping continued until a bright voice spoke up.

“Hey, can you open up?”

‘At least it’s not the Creashifter,’ Hyukjae thought as he unzipped the tent opening, seeing a young man holding a chipmunk.

The chipmunk, however, was thrashing around in the young man’s grip and acting unlike a chipmunk.

“Is that-? Is that the Crea-”

“Name’s Donghae, heard you were looking for this. I’m only assuming you’re Hyukjae. So here you go!” Donghae moved to hand the chipmunk over to Hyukjae.

Hyukjae, however, back away with wide eyes and shook his head. “I- I can’t say I found it. Not when you really did.”

Donghae rolled his eyes. “Really, just take it. It’s not like I want the credit of finding this thing.”

“Why not? You could be a hero. Or a-”

“I don’t want that. I don’t want people knowing my family has the ability to locate the Creashifter in the blink of an eye. Just take the thing and do what you need to with it. You don’t look like you want to be here anyway.”

“Oh…” Hyukjae began rolling up his sleeping bag and packing up his little ‘room’ so he could head home. “Well, that’s true and all but-”

“However, I do have a favor to ask,” Donghae said, smiling brightly.

“What?” There was a headache coming, Hyukjae could feel it.

“I need a place to stay. If I give you this,” Donghae pointed to the Creashifter, “then you have to let me stay at your place for a bit.”

“Fine, fine.” Hyukjae pulled a small cage out of his hefty pack. “Just put it in here and let me carry it.”

“No go. I carry the cage until we get to your place.”

“Whatever. Let’s just go.”

The two young men traveled slowly back to Hyukjae’s house, Hyukjae constantly trying to pick up the speed. Donghae, on the other hand, felt like taking his time walking. He seemed to enjoy looking at all of the little things nature had to offer. Maybe on a different day, Hyukjae might have joined him, but all he wanted to do was go home and please his grandfather. Then, he could finally stop being paranoid and happily live his life.

Much later, they came to a clearing Hyukjae knew very well. His mood lightened as they walked closer to his home.

“Just a bit further and we’ll be there.”

Donghae pointed to the sky. “Hey, what’s that smoke rising from over there?”

Hyukjae never sprinted faster in his life.

The smoke ended up being from the fire pit in his backyard. His father was roasting something to eat and his mother was sitting in a patio chair.

Hyukjae collapsed, thanking any higher being that first crossed his mind.

“Oh, honey, Hyukjae’s home!” his mother exclaimed.

After he recovered from the shock, relief, and slight panic attack, Hyukjae introduced Donghae to his family and against Hyukjae’s frantic headshakes, they took a liking to Donghae and agreed to let him stay.

“Son,” his father said, “you should go see your grandfather. He’s upstairs.”

Hyukjae let out a heavy sigh and went up to his grandfather’s room, cage in hand.

“Now, Donghae, did Hyukjae find that all on his own?” he heard his mother ask.

“Yes m’am, I can guarantee that Hyukjae found it all on his own,” was the answer Donghae gave. Maybe he wouldn’t be such a bad housemate after all…

His grandfather was shocked to see him home so soon. However, when Hyukjae handed him the cage with the chipmunk, his face lit up with a smile that took over his face.

“You did it, Hyukjae. You did what I tried to achieve all my life,” his grandfather pulled him into a tight hug. “Thank you.”

Hyukjae hugged him back. He tasted the bitter tang of guilt in the back of his throat, but it was overcome by the strong flavor of fulfillment of making his grandfather proud.

Many months later, Hyukjae and Donghae were best friends, taking walks through the woods and resting where they had met.

One day, Donghae looked over at Hyukjae, a serious look across his normally free-spirited face. “We should work together.”


“There have to be other magical creatures out there. Come on, Hyukjae. Think of the business we could start, the adventures we’d go on. It’d be fun!”

“I don’t know…”

“Too bad. I already put up flyers everywhere.”

“Donghae, you didn’t even ask me!”

“So? Come on, the calls came in so fast, let’s do this.”

Hyukjae thought for a minute, racking his mind for a reason to say no. He came up with none and looked up at Donghae after that realization. “Fine.”

They shook on it, agreeing to work together, and if it came, save each other from the dangers that they could find. Hyukjae just hoped it didn’t come to that.

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