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oneshot; not the same without you (super junior)

title: not the same without you
pairing: kyuhyun/zhou mi
length: 1,025 words
genre: fluff
rating: pg
a/n: i'm qmi deprived and i don't like the fact that zhou mi and henry aren't in ss3. :( it's also like, 2 am and i have no internet access to keep me busy.

"kyuhyun's cranky" sungmin joked from the other side of the dressing room.

"shut up, sungmin" kyuhyun said back. he flipped open his phone, ignoring an email notification from a starcraft mailing list to send a new text message.

i miss you.

his phone vibrated seconds later while he was chugging down some water. i miss you too. how's the concert?

"kyuhyun, we need to go do the encore." ryeowook was standing near the door to wait for the younger member.

"be right there," kyuhyun responded.

it's good. but if you were here, it'd be a lot better.

super girl wasn't the same with six of them, never mind just four. kyuhyun wasn't usually the member who said when things bothered him or let it show, but he had trouble performing the song without all of super junior m there on stage.

it didn't feel right to him and he knew he wasn't the only one who was bothered by henry and zhou mi not being there.

kui xian, you know i can't sing just yet. i'll be on stage with you soon, i promise.

and it bothered him even more to know there was nothing he could do to help with zhou mi's condition.

"seasoning will be back soon, you know he loves being with us too much," heechul said. "at least he didn't leave."

kyuhyun rested his head in his hands as heechul stood up and left for some food on a near by table.

how soon? ^^

"better be freaking soon," he muttered to himself as he followed after heechul.

zhou mi was in korea. kyuhyun knew he was because he knew zhou mi was on korean impressions and that was obviously in korea.

what he didn't get is why zhou mi hadn't stopped by to say hi to him or to see the show.

as soon as i can. aww, kui xian. do you miss me that much?

his mood was obvious to all the other members. so much that a few had taken to staying several feet away from him in the dorm.

"you need to relax," donghae told him while kyuhyun blasted apart aliens on his laptop. "it's not that bad."

kyuhyun spared a glance over to the smiling dancer and sighed. "yeah hyung, not that bad."

"see! always look on the bright side of things and it'll always work out." donghae patted his back a few times before getting up to bother eunhyuk.

more than you know.

this is ridiculous, he would repeat to himself several times an hour. he knew zhou mi was in seoul. he knew he had gone out to dinner with heechul and he knew siwon had met up with him too. why he was getting left out from time with zhou mi, he didn't know. but he wanted to.

you're so cute, kui xian. ^^ i can't wait to see you~

kyuhyun waddled in his pepper costume as he went back to the dressing room. "yeah but when will that be?"

sungmin appeared next to him and smiled at kyuhyun. "kyu~ are you excited for your solo?"

"as excited about it as i can be, i guess."

they were unzipped by stagehands and quickly changed into their next outfits before making their way back towards the stage.

"well, you'll do great" sungmin cheered as kyuhyun walked onto the stage.

he'd like zhou mi to be back there next to sungmin, cheering him on. even better, he'd like to be singing a duet with the chinese man.

but zhou mi wasn't there, he reminded himself as he sang the first note for his solo. zhou mi wasn't anywhere near the concert ot hear him sing and was probably too busy to make the next show.

kyuhyun sang his solo as best he could while his thoughts kept going. he wondered if the fans would notice if he wasn't all there for the song, but in the end, he wasn't really worried about it.

he walked off stage, searching for sungmin so they could cheer on whoever was next, but sungmin wasn't to be found.

in his place was a tall chinese man named zhou mi who was smiling brightly at kyuhyun.
"z-zhou mi?"

"kui xian, you were fantastic!" zhou mi rushed foreward to wrap his arms around kyuhyun, hugging him as close as he could.

kyuhyun quickly got over his shock and held zhou mi tight.

"get a room," heechul mock-whispered to them as he walked by.

getting kyuhyun to let go of zhou mi to go back on stage and finish the show had been difficult, but the other members managed it. however, as soon as they were all in the dressing room to get ready to leave, kyuhyun was attatched at the hip to zhou mi.

"you really did miss me, didn't you?" zhou mi murmured against kyuhyun's cheek later that night.

kyuhyun turned his head to look zhou mi in the eye. "you have no idea."

their lips met briefly and zhou mi chuckled at the contact before kyuhyun was kissing him again, pulling the taller man as close to him as he could.

"well, someone's a happy camper," sungmin pointed out the next day during rehersal.

kyuhyun smiled at him and placed his bag against the wall. "what's not to be happy about?"

"ew, kyuhyun, did you get laid last night?" heechul asked from a several feet away.

kyuhyun's phone beeped before he could reply to heechul and he flipped open his phone with a grin.

guess who can start singing with you again soon?

he imagined zhou mi in front of his phone with a smile as bright as the sun as he waited for kyuhyun's reply and felt himself grow a little bit more happy.

so when should we pick out a duet?

"you guys are so sickeningly cute," sungmin said from behind his left shoulder while heechul mock-gagged from behind his right.

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