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oneshot; step a little closer (super junior)

title: Step a Little Closer
pairing: Ryeowook/Kibum, top!wook.
length: 1,465 words
genre: Smut. :|
rating: NC-17
a/n: So, I really do like this pairing, I've always had a weird soft spot for it. Got this idea from something I saw the other day. And after much nudging (aka "DO IT!"s) from people on Twitter, I decided to write it. I'VE NEVER WRITTEN ACTUAL SMUT BEFORE, I HOPE I DID IT RIGHT! ;___; /flees back to QMi fluff

It was the end of August, and Heechul demanded that they had a joint birthday party for Yesung and Kibum in the dorm.

"If Kibum even decides to show," Kyuhyun muttered from his spot on the couch.

"Oh, he'll show," Heechul said, standing in front of Kyuhyun's view of the couch. "I called him and left a voicemail. He knows what'll happen if he doesn't show."

Heechul smirked and Kyuhyun shook his head. "Whatever you say, hyung. Can you move now? I'm playing a game."

"You're such a lame magnae," Heechul scoffed before leaving the dorm to go buy some alcohol.

When Kibum showed up to the party, he was an hour late and not in the mood to stay sober.

"Kibummie," Heechul slurred from the couch, draped over Leeteuk and Siwon. Sungmin was leaning behind Siwon, arms wrapped lightly around the taller man’s neck. "Glad to see you join us!"

Kibum sat down on a nearby chair, taking a long sip from one of the beer bottles on the table and ignoring the loud music and 'whoops!' from the other members. Shaking his head, Kibum leaned back into the chair and made himself comfortable.

“Hey, don’t you ignore me,” Heechul said, fidgeting in Leeteuk's lap. "I'm the one that wanted to throw the damn party for y- Jungsu, let go of me!"

The leader laughed his obnoxious laugh that Kibum remembered and latched his mouth to Heechul's collarbone with a smile.

Kibum's eyebrows raised a small fraction when Siwon ran a hand through Leeteuk's hair and Sungmin moved in closer to Siwon.

"I've missed a lot," he commented before taking another swing of his beer.

"That's what happens when you're gone for so long, Kibum." Sungmin giggled from next to Siwon's ear, tracing a light path down the other man's chest. "You should come by a little more often."

The other four were obviously more than tipsy, Kibum decided, watching Heechul shift his head to face Siwon's. He eyed the foursome before standing up and taking his beer with him.

He looked around the room and spotted Kyuhyun tangled around Zhou Mi ('Expected that,' he thought), Eunhyuk was grinding on Henry in beat to the music ('Did not expect that,' he thought, raising his eyebrow), and Yesung, Shindong, and Donghae laughing in a corner.


"Kibum!" A short figure came running over to his side. "Kibum, I'm so happy that you came. Kyuhyun was thinking of starting a betting pool on if you would show and I told him there was no way that you wouldn't."

"Ryeowook, are you drunk?"

"Maybe a little." The shorter man smiled up at Kibum. "I was worried you wouldn't show, so I drank a little more than I usually do."

"Were you all that worried I wouldn't show?"

Ryeowook laughed and wrapped his arm around Kibum's. "Just a little. I wasn't though."

Kibum doesn't really remember how it happened. One second, he was making small talk with Ryeowook, having a few drinks more than usual, and the next, he was being pushed to sit on a bed, Ryeowook's mouth attached to his own and both of them shirtless.

"W-wait-" he muttered.

"No waiting," Ryeowook said, hands roaming Kibum's shirt chest. "I've been waiting long enough."

Before Kibum could respond, Ryeowook was kissing him again. The taste of alcohol was strong on his tongue and Kibum decided he liked it mixed with Ryeowook's own taste, pulling Ryeowook closer against him.

The kiss became a clash of teeth and tongues and Kibum groaned when he felt Ryeowook's finger's against his crotch. The singer rubbed down on Kibum's growing erection, causing Kibum to let out a louder moan.

Ryeowook gave a tiny smirk as he moved to suck lightly on Kibum's jaw line, neck, collarbones, wherever the smaller man could reach before moving back for another kiss. His hands were now undoing the zipper on Kibum's jeans, reaching under the waistline seconds later.

"Shit, Ryeowook," Kibum muttered against Ryeowook's lips as the other man's fingers wrapped around his cock, stroking at a slower pace than Kibum would like. "Faster."

"What was that?" Ryeowook asked, slowing down his pace even more. "I couldn't hear you."

'What the fuck? When did he get like this?' Kibum thought as he glared at Ryeowook.

Ryeowook stared right back, stopping altogether. "If you're gonna be like that then-"

"Don't you dare, Ryeowook. I swear to- Shit!"

Ryeowook began to stroke again, a little faster than before, his other hand trying to pull down Kibum's pants.

"Get them off, Kibummie."

Kibum lifted his hips, pulling his pants and boxers down as far as he could. Before he could think of what to do next, Ryeowook was on his knees and making his way down Kibum's body with his lips, stopping to dip at his belly bottom before moving down through a small patch of hair and wrapping his lips around Kibum's cock, bobbing his head up and down as he sucked.

"Oh God," Kibum whispered, his head thrown back. He ran his hands through Ryeowook's hair, trying to urge him to go a little faster.

Ryeowook stopped at the tip, eyes looking up at Kibum, moving back down slowly and keeping eye contact with Kibum. He felt his cock reach the back of Ryeowook's throat right before the singer took Kibum in all the way and swallowed. Kibum hadn't looked away the whole time, finding his breathing uneven as he kept his eyes locked with Ryeowook's.

Ryeowook's hands crept back to Kibum's ass, squeezing the cheeks lightly before sliding a finger into Kibum. The actor froze in shock, breathing even more uneven.

"Ryeowook, I don't really-"

Ryeowook looked up at him again, eyes wide and hair messier than Kibum had ever seen it. The sight made Kibum want to come right there. Ryeowook's finger moved a small fraction and Kibum thrust his hips. His cock was pushed deeper into Ryeowook's mouth and Ryeowook swallowed again, the sensation making Kibum moan.

Ryeowook started a pace with his fingers, adding in another when he felt Kibum was ready. He started scissoring them, preparing Kibum as best he could. Kibum was thrusting his hips in time to Ryeowook's pace, moaning loudly.

And then suddenly, Ryeowook was gone and Kibum was left confused.

"Get on your knees," came Ryeowook's voice. He climbed onto the bed, pants and boxers off, and gave Kibum a look that would usually come from Heechul. "Now."

Kibum rolled over onto his knees, his ass in the air and his pride completely out the window. 'I can't believe I'm getting topped by Ryeowook of all people.'

Ryeowook wrapped his hand around Kibum's cock, giving it a few strokes before thrusting into Kibum. He kept his hips still and continued to stroke Kibum's cock to keep the actor relaxed.

"When you're ready," Ryeowook whispered against Kibum's back. "Just tell me when."

"Just go," Kibum groaned.

Ryeowook began to thrust in time to the hand on Kibum's cock, panting at how tight Kibum was. "Is this your first time?" he managed to ask.

"On bottom," Kibum groaned. "Just.. shit, just go faster."

Ryeowook picked up his speed, slamming harder into Kibum. He shifted his angle and Kibum screamed out Ryeowook's name. Ryeowook smirked, hitting the same spot over and over again.

Kibum felt himself lose control as he thrust back into Ryeowook for more and moaning every time Ryeowook hit right there.

"Damn it, Ryeowook. Faster!" Kibum moaned. "Fuck, I think-"

Kibum came, groaning Ryeowook's name loudly. Ryeowook thrust into him, the rhythm erractic now, and came hard into Kibum, letting out a moan. He pulled out and both of them flopped onto the bed.

Ryeowook sleepily curled next to Kibum, the other wrapping his arms around Ryeowook's small frame.

Kibum woke up with an intense headache, a sore ass, and a warm body next to his.

He blinked a few times before looking down to see Ryeowook still sound asleep. It took him a minute more to realize they were both naked.

"What did we even do last night?" he muttered, putting his head in his hands.

Ryeowook stirred awake next to him, a small whine from his headache before blinking sleepily at Kibum.

"Kibum, what are- Why are you in my bed?" A quick pause as Ryeowook became more awake. "Why are we both naked? Did we-"

"I think so," came Kibum's muffled answer. He lifted his head. "I'm pretty sure we did. And that you topped."

Ryeowook turned pink at this. "O-oh..."

They both looked at each other, silently deciding to never bring this up again. Kibum stepped out of bed to grab his clothes, but couldn't make it any farther from the pain.

"Never speak of this," Kibum hissed before laying back down, while Ryeowook hid a small laugh behind his hand. He had to keep his pride after all.

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OH JESUS KIWOOK ARE SO HOT, I LOVE THEM D: ♥ dies they're the only Wook pairing I like besides YeWook :3

html fail the first time because i was so excited >_>
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YES :DDD And omg ikr, KiWook is so hot I can't resist it ;___; UNF YEBUMWOOK IS ONE OF MY MAIN OT3S, NEGL.

You did perfect bb <3333 I loved it! I have a weakness for top!Wook too, so alsdkfjhkas. UNF.

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Hot and totally crazy. Very fun read.

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You wrote one of my favorite pairings in the correct positions! I have been craving WookBum pronz! You rock! I'm a bottomonly!Kibum (his preference) fan in my own ficland, lol. I was reading the other replies and I have to agree YeWookBum pronz is an idea that is daebak!I've never read any yet but I hope to read some soon
Loved your smut omg that was seriously your first attempt? If you hadn't said so I wouldn't have guessed. So hot so good so fun! Loved it and it's a definite must mem because well there's Kibum and and there's top!Wook (he should get to do that at least sometimes!) This little one shot made my day! ^_^

~FM :)
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Loved this nice change of pace. Go Wookie....

Also loved the nice variation of pairings (Really want to know how the foursome and HyukRy got together lol).

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This is so hot. And I like demanding!Ryeowook. :D

This fic seriously made my day. I never see KiWook around and it's one of my Suju OTPs. Thank you! ♥

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This was HOT! And I luvs me some KiWook ^ ^

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I stab you with a copious amount of cleavers until you bleed and die.


heehee :D