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oneshot; sharing is caring (super junior/s.m. the ballad)

Title: Sharing is Caring
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi/Jino, except Kyuhyun is really stupid.
Length: 2,399 words
A/N: For my bb [ profile] lyuna  I uh.... I don’t really even know what this is. I thought of it and went. I pray to Shisus that Jino is written correctly, but there is not a lot to go on for him yet. So I wrote him how I personally think he is. And it’s all based on a gif of him yawning. So. Yeah. :D;; Also, I have no idea what living arrangements are right now with S.M. the Ballad. So I’m just going with Jino and Jonghyun living together for this. And I have no idea when Korea actually saw the eclipse. So, go with it.

The news said that there was going to be a lunar eclipse on the night of the winter solstice. Something that hadn’t happened in hundreds of years.

Jino marked the date in his planner with a thick red marker, making it noticeable so he could remember. It was the type of thing Kyuhyun would be interested in... Right? Kyuhyun liked science, and an eclipse was definitely in that category.

He smiled at the obnoxious circles and arrows, closed his planner, and walked away from the table. Jonghyun entered the room and grabbed a fruit from the counter before hoisting himself up on the counter top.

“What are you smiling so much about?” he asked, taking a bite of his apple. “Half an hour ago, you were cranky and didn’t want to move.”

“Hyung, I had just woken up,” Jino said, a pout taking over his face. “No one’s happy in the morning... And it’s really nothing to ask about.”

Zhou Mi marked the solstice with an alarm in his phone.

“Kui Xian and I can watch this together,” he thought out loud. Plans of what kind of food to snack on and which blankets to bring flooded Zhou Mi’s mind and he quickly noted them down before he could forget.

Henry walked into the room, saw his bandmate quickly writing down ideas with crazed movements, and turned back the way he came. It was too early on his day off to even begin to think about dealing with anyone.


Kyuhyun raised his gaze slightly from his computer screen only to see Jino smiling back at him. “Yeah?”

“What are you doing tomorrow? Er, tomorrow night, I mean.”

He raised an eyebrow at the younger boy. “Nothing yet. But you’re probably going to change that?”

Jino nodded. “Well, there’s an eclipse tomorrow- on the same night as the solstice. I was wondering if you wanted to watch it with me? Y-you don’t have to say yes, I just thought you’d like it.”

Jino was quickly losing the confidence he started out with, avoiding eye contact and stumbling over words. A slight blush was creeping over his cheeks and Kyuhyun couldn’t help but smile at how hard the younger boy was trying.

“Yeah, that sounds fun,” he answered. “Is it just us, or-”

“It doesn’t need to be!” Jino cut him off, eyes wide and shaking his head. “O-only if you want it to be.”

Kyuhyun turned his attention back to his computer. “Sounds good.”

“Okay!” Jino smiled again and left.

“Kui Xian!”

Kyuhyun paused, turning away from the room he was just going to enter. “What?”

“What are you doing tomorrow night? There’s an eclipse and I was thinki-”

“Jino and I are going to watch that. You should join,” Kyuhyun said. “He did say it didn’t to be just him and me and that’ll be a good thing for us to do. Hang out with the new kid.”

Zhou Mi’s excitement faded fast. “Oh. Well, that’s okay too. As long as we get to spend time together.”

“That’s what matters, three friends having a good time together.” Kyuhyun waved bye to Zhou Mi, walking towards his destination.

‘Oh Kui Xian, you don’t get what “time together” really means do you?’’ Zhou Mi thought, sighing.

“So, you’re leaving me alone for the night?” Jonghyun asked, watching Jino go through all of his coats five times in a row. “Why are you trusting me?”

“Hyung, you won’t do anything stupid with Henry here. I asked him to watch you.” Jino held a dark brown coat up and then threw it back down. He flopped on the bed and groaned. “Why do I even care what I’m going to wear?”

“Henry’s fun, this should be a good night.” Jonghyun hovered over the pile of jackets before picking up a gray plaid one and throwing it over Jino’s face. “And the reason you care? It’s the Kyuhyun effect. We’ve all been there.”

He walked quietly out of the room while Jino kicked his legs in a mock hissy fit, groaning more. “I hate this!” he shouted and he could hear Jonghyun laughing on the couch.

“Zhou Mi ge, why are you worrying so much over this? You and Kyuhyun are together all the time anyway, so why are you acting like this now?” Henry took a sip of his Pepsi and watched Zhou Mi fuss with his hair.

“It’s not just us this time, Jino’s going too. So I just... I just want to look as best I can.”

Henry nodded and took another sip from the can. “Well, okay. This all makes sense now. So who’s going to be the third wheel?”

Zhou Mi let out a whine and ran his fingers through his hair before letting out another whine after realizing he had to fix his hair all over again.

Henry laughed to himself and left the room for another soda. “Don’t forget to pick the perfect scarf!” he yelled over his shoulder.

A thump, followed quickly by a sob, was heard and Henry had the vague image of Zhou Mi hitting his head on the desk.

“So, what do you think will happen?” Jonghyun asked when Henry came over. Jino had left ten minutes earlier, a bundle of nerves wrapped up in winter apparel with a pair of glasses.

Henry flopped on the couch with two cans of beer in his hands. He passed one to Jonghyun. “I bet Zhou Mi ge and Jino freak out the whole time and Kyuhyun doesn’t even notice.”

“He’ll be too busy getting hot over the scientific nature of the world to even try and pay attention to them.” He opened his can and turned to Henry. “So what should we get up to tonight?”

Henry pulled out a dvd case and smirked. “Something my friend from home sent me.”

Jonghyun let out a whoop. “Put it in!”

Jino adjusted his hat carefully as he approached where Kyuhyun had said to meet him. The need to look as best he could was getting stronger with every step. He pulled at his fingers to keep himself busy, nerves ready to explode any moment.

The door was right there. He raised his fist to knock when-

Zhou Mi answered the door.

“Jo Mi hyung! What are you doing here? Kyuhyun told me to meet him.”

“Kui Xian invited me. He said it would be a good thing for us three to just hang out together.”

“Oh. Yeah, okay. That’s fine.” Jino smiled, but inside he was completely thrown off. He liked his hyung, and thought he was a nice guy. But he was looking forward to being with just Kyuhyun.

“He... he didn’t tell you, did he?” Zhou Mi’s smile fell the tiniest bit. “I’m sorry if you think I’m intruding. I don’t have to-”

“No, no. Hyung, I said it was fine. So, where is Kyuhyun hyung?”

“Playing games, he’ll be done in a few. I made some hot tea to take for while we’re out, do you want some now?”

The two walked into the kitchen and sounds from Kyuhyun’s laptop could be heard. The atmosphere was slightly awkward between the two.

“Lucky I was here to get the door, right? Kui Xian might not have heard and you would have been out there waiting.” Zhou Mi let out a nervous laugh and continued to ramble about catching cold and video games. Jino nodded in the right places, knowing just enough about Zhou Mi’s mannerisms to know when to do so.

“Damn it!” Kyuhyun yelled. A couple of blasts followed by a “Hell yeah!” were heard as Zhou Mi handed Jino his tea.

A minute later, Kyuhyun walked into the kitchen wearing sweats and a t-shirt. Jino wondered briefly if he overdressed until he remembered that Zhou Mi seemed to be dressed similarly to him too.

“Jino, when did you get here?” Kyuhyun asked, taking a cup of tea from Zhou Mi and leaning against the counter.

“Just a little bit ago, hyung.”

“Kui Xian, you should get ready,” Zhou Mi said. Kyuhyun nodded and drank his tea quickly before leaving the room. “I tried to get him to earlier. Sorry about that.”

“It’s fine, hyung. I probably just came early, or... Or something.” They smiled awkwardly at each other, a similar silence following for several minutes until Kyuhyun walked back into the room in his coat and scarf.

“Why are you both sitting? Let’s go!” Kyuhyun headed out the door, leaving the other two behind him.

The three made their way to the rooftop of the apartment building, pulling their jackets tighter around them. Zhou Mi put down his large bag, sorting through it quickly before pulling out a large blanket.

“Always be prepared,” he said, spreading the thick blanket on the roof. He then pulled out three smaller blankets, handing two of them to Jino and Kyuhyun and wrapping one around himself.

Jino looked at the blanket and shifted awkwardly. Where was he going to sit? He didn’t want to make it so Zhou Mi wasn’t sitting near Kyuhyun, but at the same time...

“This is going to be really cool,” Kyuhyun said, voice muffled around his thick scarf. He pulled it under his chin and sat in the middle of the blanket. “You guys know me well.”

‘Oh, well that makes it easier,’ Jino thought, sitting on Kyuhyun’s right side and pulling his knees up and under his chin.

The hour they had left to wait went by quickly with the (somewhat awkward) small talk they had and the hot tea Zhou Mi prepared.

Jino let out a yawn, rubbing at his eyes.

“Are you tired?” Kyuhyun asked, a small smile on his face.

“A little, I’m still not used to have activities all the time.” He leaned forward and rested his head on his knees. “But I’ll be fine, just give me a few minutes.”

An arm wrapped around Jino and pulled him to his left. His head fell against Kyuhyun’s shoulder, something he found much more comfortable than his kneecaps.

“You can take a quick rest if you,” Kyuhyun said. “We’ll wake you up when it’s time.”

“T-thank you.” Jino pushed his scarf up a little more, hoping to hide the blush crawling up his face. His eyes shut for a quick nap before he knew it due to the warmth coming from Kyuhyun’s side.

Zhou Mi watched Kyuhyun pull the younger boy close to him, treating Jino with the care of an older brother. He played with sleeves of his jacket before he felt a weight on his side.

“Kui Xian, what are you doing?” he asked, arm going over the singer’s shoulder.

“Tired too,” Kyuhyun mumbled, his head rubbing slightly against Zhou Mi’s side. “Just give me a minute.”

Zhou Mi laughed to himself before looking back up at the sky. The moon was still full and bright, no sign yet of the eclipse. He took a deep breath and figured he could take a quick nap too.

He had the thought to set an alarm on his phone before he rested his head on Kyuhyun’s.

Jino woke to a series of beeps, slowly moving off of Kyuhyun’s shoulder as the beeps got louder. He turned to wake up his hyungs and instead paused.

Both were fast asleep, Kyuhyun almost curled into Zhou Mi and Zhou Mi’s arms wrapped around him. A surge of emotions went through Jino, but he didn’t know what to do or how to act them out without embarrassing himself in front of his hyungs.

Instead, he shook Kyuhyun’s shoulder to wake him up. The older singer blinked before taking in his surroundings.

“Is it time?” he asked, voice slightly rough. He turned to wake Zhou Mi, finding the Chinese man looking back at him. “It looks like it could be time.”

All three looked at the sky, seeing a shadow covering part of the moon. Kyuhyun stood up, an excited smile covering his face.

“I wonder if Changmin is watching this right now too. I should call and ask him later. This is really just so cool.”

Kyuhyun almost bounced on his feet in excitement, a bright smile completely taking over his face.

“Wow, he really does like this stuff a lot,” Jino said quietly. He turned to Zhou Mi. “I mean, I knew he liked it, but it really makes him happy doesn’t it?”

“You should see him with math problems,” Zhou Mi said with a laugh. “He’s like a kid on Christmas.”

They shared another laugh and looked back at the moon. Kyuhyun continued to chatter about how excited he was and Jino agreed with Zhou Mi. Kyuhyun could be rivaled with a younger child ripping open gifts right then.

“That was a lot of fun,” Kyuhyun said, still smiling. “It was a good idea to go all together. Let’s do something as a group again.”

He walked on ahead of Zhou Mi and Jino. Zhou Mi shook his head with a sad smile.

“Is... Is he always-”

“Yes,” Zhou Mi interupted. “But we’re still here waiting for him to get it, anyway. It makes us almost as bad as him.”

Zhou Mi walked away, catching up to Kyuhyun and leaving Jino lost in his thoughts.

Jino opened his door, slipping off his shoes and taking off his jacket.

“Jonghyun?” he called out. “Jonghyun, I need to talk to you- What are the two of you doing?!”

On the couch, Jonghyun and Henry were tangled around each other. One of Henry’s hands was down Jonghyun’s pants while Jonghyun was sucking on Henry’s neck. They jumped apart at the sound of Jino’s voice.

“This- this isn’t what you think it is?” Jonghyun said, panting slightly.

Henry snorted. “Don’t use that line, Jonghyun. Everyone does. I’m gonna go before this gets more awkward.”

The Canadian grabbed his stuff and left Jino staring down at Jonghyun. The older singer just smiled back up at him.

“Haha, Jino. How about we just never bring this up again?” he asked. He stood up and walked quickly to his room.

Jino just stared down at the couch, before shaking his head and going into his own. ‘Why couldn’t my night end up that way?’ he wondered as he flopped himself down on his bed.

Sobs, the end? I dunno. I really liked the Jonghyun/Henry. Maybe more at some point? skldfjdkh ;~~;

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Should not have done a running msn commentary, since I have almost nothing left to say :|
HAVE C&P INSTEAD OKAY. SINCE I'M LAZY. Now with 90% less typos

heee, "good time together" *wink wink nudge nudge*

XD Kyuhyun effect
I approve every time Mi posts a new fashion disaster he's not around Kyu
that must be it
It all suddenly makes sense.
Zhou Mi, plz stay with Kyu 24/7, kthx.

He’ll be too busy getting hot over the scientific nature of the world to even try and pay attention to them
Hehe, get it? Hard. kekeke. /mind of a 10 year old

I see Mi going all ...D^: at Jino.
But that's okay, cos in time he'll realize they can just have a threeway. Cos OT3s solve all shipping wars.

Kyu, you are such an oblivious little... idek

Henry. XD You are so... XD hook up with Kyu instead

rofl, Jino, you'll get there. Just be a little forceful and MAKE Kyu stop being stupid and socially awkward.
I'm sure he'll realize what's up when you stick your hand down his pants.
Hehe. Up. Hee. /still mind of a 10 year old

Thank youuuu ♥ :D

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This was awesome.
I really think there is something to the "Kyuhyun effect"

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Awesome will definitely read it. Did you see the eclipse it was gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LMAOOOOO bb this was much better than watching you shoot someone in the vag n________n

the kyuhyun effect lmfao ilu ♥

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thus is super cute haaghidahvbhhjgubh.

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fdgfdhdkfjdflkk;d'fd;lfd this was awesome.

You are a good job, Kat bb.

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Aww no, he was really cute. :)

You're welcome~ :D♥ I didn't even notice you'd written this until I had finished reading. I went to spaz to you about it on twitter and then lol you wrote it. /fails.

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You were! You sneaky bugger.

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i thoroughly enjoyed reading this, bb.
b-b-but oblivious!kyu is breaking both hopeful!zhou mi's and adorable!jino's hearts. wai. wai. wai. waylt. ;_________;

SEQUEL~ :)))))))))))

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should I strangle or hug you? im not violent or forceful by nature so i probably won't be strangling you anyway >.> but ... make them get together please~

“And the reason you care? It’s the Kyuhyun effect. We’ve all been there.” -> the words of wisdom that Jonghyun sometimes spouts - makes me proud jjong XD

please, pretty please, with a cherry on top, write a sequel! *puppy eyes* <3

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kyuhyun, oh you dense and oblivious boy. ;~;
you should totally drabble about the kyuhyun effect and how it affects each and every one. XD

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sometimes, it's all part of his charm.. ):
AND YAY! \o/ I will keep a lookout for that~

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lol the sad part about being such a genius.
yay, i love you already~ :D