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drabble collections #2 (super junior)

One mini!idol drabble and a kind of angsty one. Oh and one I really don't like too much but I've had it for a while, so why not post it too. Uh, yeah.

Mini!idol #1, Kyuhyun/Jino, 412 words.

When Kyuhyun finally decided to clean his apartment (only because of Zhou Mi’s never-ending nagging), he didn’t expect to find a 5 inch tall boy sleeping in one of his mugs.

He raised an eyebrow before picking the mug up out of the cabinet. The boy wiggled in his sleep, but showed no over sign of knowing he was being moved.

Kyuhyun set the cup down on his messy table and tried to figure out what to do. Maybe he was hallucinating from too much cleaning and the boy was really a mouse. Before he could dwell on this idea anymore, he heard a light “excuse me” from the table.

The boy was looking up at him and Kyuhyun couldn’t do anything but stare back. He hadn’t gotten a good look at the boy before and Kyuhyun really didn’t expect him to look so… cute.

“U-um, excuse me?” the boy repeated. “My name is Jino and you took me out of the cabinet and that’s the only way I can get back to where I live.”

“Wait, you live in my coffee cup cabinet?” Kyuhyun asked. He shook his head and mumbled, “I guess I should clean a little more often.”

“Well, not in the cabinet. More like… the wall the cabinet is on?” Jino said, playing with his fingers nervously. “My entire family and all of my friends live in there. I’d really like to go back soon so they won’t worry.”

Kyuhyun picked up the tiny boy and placed Jino on his shoulder, making his way to the cabinet. “But you were napping in my mug. If you don’t want them to worry, why were you there?”

Jino tried to stand and slipped a little. He grabbed a bit of Kyuhyun’s hair in order to keep his balance.

“Well, I was hiding from my mom. She wanted me to clean and I really didn’t want to right then. So I went to hide and I guess I fell asleep instead.”

They reached the cabinet and Kyuhyun held his arm out straight into the shelf he found Jino in. The small boy walked, almost trotted, across.

He turned around and smiled at Kyuhyun. “Thank you!”

“Y-you’re welcome?” Kyuhyun stuttered. The small boy only seemed to get cuter the longer Kyuhyun was around him.

Jino waved and ran into the dark corners of the cabinet. Kyuhyun figured he would have to start cleaning in there more often if that’s what he found.

Angsty, Sungmin/Zhou Mi, 128 words.

It was hard for both of them, finding out that Kyuhyun had lied about his relationships with them. He left for a break, going home to his parents for a while to relax and regain all the energy left since debut.

It was Sungmin that Zhou Mi turned to, when that pang of loneliness flew through his entire being. He figured Sungmin felt the same with the way Sungmin held him when they kissed and the way Sungmin’s fingers stroked him to release.

“I miss him,” Sungmin whispered one night. It was almost too quiet to hear, but Zhou Mi caught it. He ran his fingers through Sungmin’s hair and pulled him in for another kiss. Anything to make the pain stop, even if just for a second.

General, Kyuhyun/Sungmin, 189 words.

“How the fuck did Cho Kyuhyun get detention?”

Kyuhyun turned around in his chair to give Lee Sungmin one of his icy looks, the older student smiling sweetly at him. His feet were propped up on his desk and his posture was relaxed.

“I acted out,” Kyuhyun replied shortly, his glare becoming more intense. “It happens.”

Sungmin stood up and walked calmly over to Kyuhyun. He sat down on Kyuhyun’s desk, leaning towards the younger student slightly. “Oh really? How so?”

His eyes were growing dark as he continued to get closer to Kyuhyun. The younger student swallowed, nerves getting the better of him. He knew about Sungmin’s reputation, with how he got around. Almost the entire student body had a taste of Lee Sungmin, others dying to be next.

Kyuhyun never wanted to be a part of that, having never spoken to Sungmin. But there he was, Sungmin inches from his face and only them in the room. He smirked, leaning in and closing some of the remaining space between them.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” he replied before Sungmin closed that small distance and their lips met.

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