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oneshot; warm hands, warm heart (super junior)

Title: Warm Hands, Warm Heart
Rating: PG-13 for a few words.
Genre: Fluff
Length: 2,170 words.
Pairing: het!Donghae/Ryeowook, hinted Hankyung/Heechul.
A/N: I honestly have no idea where this came from but it’s haewook, so it’s automatically for [ profile] wookism . :DD I made a few members girls; Ryeowook, Heechul, Eunhyuk, & Sungmin.

Ryeowook’s coat was a little bit too puffy to be comfortable, but not thick enough to keep out all the cold. She tugged on the pair of mittens she took from Sungmin last week before shoving her hands back in her pockets and fought off the urge to sneeze.

The result of that was an annoying squeak and she turned pink, just knowing it would draw attention to herself.

“Hi.” A guy who seemed a little bit older than Ryeowook came up to her, a small smile on his face.

She frowned slightly and kept walking. She didn’t need any boys distracting her from school... No matter what Heechul told her.

He didn’t give up though. “My name’s Donghae, what’s yours?”

She sighed and thought it over. He was kind of cute in a boyish way and what could it hurt to have another guy to talk to that wasn’t Kyuhyun or Henry? “I’m Ryeowook.”

Donghae held out a hand (no gloves, Ryeowook noted), but she shook her head. “Are you afraid of germs?”

“N-no, I just- My hands are really cold right now. I’d rather not take them out of my pocket while I’m still outs- What are you doing?”

He pulled her hands out of the warmth of her pockets and held them tight between his. Even without wearing any gloves, Donghae’s hands were warm and she could feel the heat through Sungmin’s bright pink mittens. They stopped walking as he smiled cheekily at her.

“Is that better?”

Ryeowook blushed and before she could figure out what to do, her phone alarm went off, signaling that she was late for class.

“I need to go.” She tried pulled her hands out of his grasp, but he held on to them.

“Can you answer a question for me first?”

“But I’ll be late and-”

“Go on a date with me?”

Ryeowook stared at him, shock all over her face. “I um... I really need to go.”

She quickly slipped her hands out from between his and walked towards the closest building.

“Nice meeting you, Ryeowook!” Donghae shouted, grinning as her shape got smaller.

No less than three hours after meeting Donghae, Ryeowook flopped herself down on Heechul’s bed.

“What do I do?” she asked, voice muffled from the pillows. “I didn’t want to be distracted this semester by anything and then this guy just shows up out of nowhere and - Heechul can you help me with this instead of texting Hankyung about how horny you are right now?!”

Heechul slammed down her phone before turning to look at Ryeowook. “Well, what do you want me to do? I can’t help you with guys because you won’t ever let me. All my ideas are ‘too out there’ for you. I mean, really Wook, what’s wrong with changing your wardrobe and dancing on tables?”

“Everything about that is wrong for me, Heechul. And maybe I’ll just go ask Sungmin or Eunhyuk. They’re more like me and could help better,” Ryeowook said, standing up to grab her music books and slip her jacket back on.

“You’d rather them than your own roommate’s help? Fine, go. Don’t come back to me when they fail.”

“Sorry, Heechul.”

“Who is this kid anyway? I might know him.” Heechul rolled onto her bed, phone above her face as she sent another text.

“He said his name was Donghae, but I’m not sure about-”

“Wait, Donghae? Like, looks-like-a-prince Donghae?” Heechul sat up and Ryeowook swore it was the quickest the older girl had ever moved.

“I-I guess?”

“I know him, he dances with Eunhyuk in that dance club. He’s a nice guy, go for it if he’s interested in you.” Heechul rolled onto her stomach, phone back in front of her.

"Uhm, thanks Heechul," Ryeowook gave her roommate a look and wrapped a scarf around her neck. “I’ll see you later then.”

“Yeah, see you later.”

It was snowing when Ryeowook walked out of her dorm building and she was a little upset that her break between classes wasn’t longer.

“I’d really like to not be out in the snow,” she muttered, pulling her coat tight around her. A pout formed on her face as the winter air hit her. “It’s too cold out.”

Her (very frozen) feet brought her down the path where she met Donghae earlier that morning. Ryeowook sneezed and let out a groan.

“I don’t need any distractions this semester,” she mumbled.

“What’s going to be one?”

Ryeowook jumped and turned to see Kyuhyun behind her. “Kyuhyun, you scared me. I didn’t even know you had a class soon.”

“Everything scares you. What’s going to be your distraction this semester?”

“N-nothing. I need to go to my Music Theory III class.”

“It’s a guy, isn’t it?”

“Bye, Kyuhyun.”

“So who’s the guy that’s going to distract you? Is he nice? Do I know him?”

Ryeowook had barely even reached her seat before Henry started asking questions. “Well, I- He just- How do you even know about this?”

“Kyuhyun texted me. Who is it?”

Ryeowook sighed and hated how relentless her friends were. “Can you keep it to yourself?”

Henry nodded and leaned closer. No one would be able to guess it by looking at him, but Henry loved gossip. He didn’t pass it around, but Henry just enjoyed hearing everything.

“Do you know Donghae?”

“You mean Lee Donghae?”

“I guess. I don’t know his full name.”

Henry waved it off. “There’s really no other Donghae on campus anyway. He’s a nice guy. A little out there, but he means well.”

“That’s good to know then,” Ryeowook said quietly as the teacher began the lesson.

The lesson went by too fast, Ryeowook’s mind was off in its own world for half of the class, where she drew little comics of fish in her margins and missed half the notes. She could always just ask Henry if she could copy his, but she usually didn’t want to bother him with asking that.

When class ended, Henry handed Ryeowook his notebook. “You didn’t get even half of the notes,” he teased. Henry grabbed the notebook back and shoved it in Ryeowook’s backpack. “Bye!”

The next few days, Ryeowook found herself walking with Donghae on her way class. He was always there each morning with a bright smile and a warm hello. They didn’t talk much, mostly because Ryeowook was too nervous to think of anything to talk about.

What always threw her off though was the last thing Donghae would say to her before they parted.

“Can I have that date now?”

Ryeowook would look at him with wide eyes. He’d let out a loud laugh and tell her to have a good day and think about it before he turned around and left.

This was a system Ryeowook found herself getting used to. She thought about Donghae a little too much for her own good. And her school work... Henry kept teasing her about it in music class before handing her his notes.

“Try and actually talk to him next time,” Henry said on his way out the door.

Her backpack fell to the floor by her bed, which she flopped right on top of. The day had been so long and it seemed like it would go on forever.

“At least all that’s left is homework,” Ryeowook grumbled into her bunny pillow pet. She reached around on her bed until she found her stuffed Pooh bear and held it tight against her. “I just want to sleep though.”

Her mind had been thinking about Donghae a lot during class and she was far too confused about how she felt about him. Sleep would make it easier to deal with.

Just as Ryeowook lifted the covers over her head, the door slammed open and Heechul ran right to Ryeowook’s bed.

“Hey. Hey, Ryeowook. Guess what I did today?” The older girl shook Ryeowook and lifted the covers off the other girl.

“Why are you-”

“I got you a date.”

“You got me a what?”

“A date. Don’t look so upset and get out of bed. I need to get you ready.”

Ryeowook sighed held her Pooh Bear closer. “Where is it and who’s the guy?”

“Just dinner in town. And Donghae.”

The younger girl pouted and fell back onto her pillows. “Why do you do this to me?”

The restaurant wasn’t too bad. It seemed casual enough, for which Ryeowook was thankful. Heechul had put her in an outfit that probably was too casual to be okay for anywhere else. She played with the long sleeves of the oversized sweater while waiting for Donghae to meet her near the greeter’s podium.

“Heechul said 7:15...” she muttered and looked at her watch. It was only 7, but she was nervous.

How Heechul had arranged this, she had no idea. But Ryeowook didn’t doubt any of Heechul’s connections or how the older girl made things go exactly how she wanted them to go.

Even though she’d walked with Donghae every morning for the past week, she knew next to nothing about him.

“I guess that’s what the date is for.”

“What about our date?”

Ryeowook jumped at the sound of Donghae’s voice behind her and he laughed. She turned around, an angry pout on her face.

“I didn’t think I’d scare you like that, but your pout is really cute.” He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and Ryeowook was shocked how well he fit against her. “Let’s go eat.”

She blushed and walked with him. Another shock came when he pulled out her chair for her.

“Guys still do this?” she asked after he pushed her in. He sat down in his own chair and smiled.

“They should for you.”

Ryeowook wasn’t sure she’d have a moment on this date when she wouldn’t be blushing.

After the (very successful) date, Ryeowook went back to her dorm room and fell onto her bed in a state of bliss.

“Must’ve gone well,” Heechul said. “You’ve got that ‘life is so fucking awesome’ smile on your face.”

“He’s so... nice.” Ryeowook cuddled her Pooh bear and rolled onto her side to smile cutely at Heechul.

“You’re going to make me puke,” was the only response she got before her roommate flicked off the lights. There was a peaceful silence and then, “So how far did you get?”

Ryeowook whined, “You just ruined it!” while Heechul started cackling.

The next morning, Ryeowook woke herself up a little earlier than usual. She decided for once, she would take the time to do something her hair. She paused in front of the mirror, not sure whether she wanted to go with braids or pigtails. Quietly shuffling over to the side of Heechul’s bed, she poked the sleeping girl’s cheek.

“Unni,” she whispered, poking Heechul’s cheek again until the older girl woke up.

“What do you need?” Heechul groaned, burying her face under her pillow.

“I- I just... Pigtails or braids?”

“For what?”

“My hair. For today.” Ryeowook played with one lock of hair. “I wanted to-”

Heechul groaned again. “You’re making yourself ‘cute’ for Donghae, aren’t you? Go with pigtails, side part. Go away.”

“Thank you.” Ryeowook fixed Heechul’s blankets and grinned. She walked back over to the mirror and finished fixing her hair. She smiled at her reflection before she slipped her jacket and bag on and headed out the door.

Early. She was extremely early. Ryeowook was at their usual meeting spot, about ten minutes before Donghae would even get there. She sighed and fiddled with the end a pigtail. Maybe she was over thinking everything and was the only one who thought the date went that went well.

Donghae had probably gotten his hope up for someone… more exciting at the very least. Ryeowook was quiet, always blushing, shy. She was beginning to doubt making herself look a little cuter today, it would all be a waste.

Just as she reached up to take out the pigtails, a hand grabbed hers.

“Don’t do that, you look really cute,” Donghae said softly. He didn’t let go of her hand. Instead, he laced their fingers together and pulled her along with him. “No gloves today? Ryeowook, your hands are going to freeze.”

After a few seconds, he turned and looked at her. “Could we… Could we go on another date soon?”

Her eyes widened. “You want to?”

For once, it was Donghae’s turn to be shocked. “Of course I do. Ryeowook, I think you’re one of the most amazing girls I’ve ever met.”

He looked down at his feet, the shyest smile she’d ever seen on his face. And it finally hit her- He really didn’t care if she was shy or quiet. She let out a giggled.

“What’s that mean?” Donghae asked, looking at her from under his bangs. A pout started to form on his face and she giggled again.

“It means yes,” she said, wrapping her arms around him for possiblY the warmest hug of her life.

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