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oneshot; we make it so hot (super junior)

Title: We Make it So Hot
Genre: Porn. :|
Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun.
Rating: NC-17
Length: 1,500 words.
A/N: blames [ profile] polyurethane for all of this. title from Girl's Day's 'Twinkle Twinnkle' (such a manry song for porn, i know). I started out writing this so easily and then it got hard. porn is not fun to write, i hate any of you who make me. :(

It was common for members to sit on each other’s laps and hang off each other. Siwon had had his fair share of Super Junior sit in his lap due to him being the tallest.

“You’re just comfortable, Siwon,” Sungmin had said, before snuggling closer to the tall man.

But usually, when someone sat on him, they had pants on.

’This is new,’ he thought when Kyuhyun slipped onto his lap in only a tight pair of boxers, holding his phone.

“Don’t mind me, hyung,” Kyuhyun said, leaning back on Siwon’s chest. He took out his phone and fiddled with a few buttons.

“It’s fine.” But the couch was empty. Siwon couldn’t figure out why Kyuhyu- Oh. That felt good.

Kyuhyun wiggled around, grinding down on Siwon’s crotch. Siwon bit his lip to stop himself from telling Kyuhyun to-

Tell Kyuhyun to what? Stop? Go faster? He wasn’t sure what he wanted- Well no. His body definitely was sure of what it wanted, if his hardening cock was any indication. Kyuhyun would definitely be able to tell what was going on.

“Siwon-hyung…” Kyuhyun stopped moving and Siwon had to fight not to protest. “Siwon hyung, do you like that?”


The younger man put his phone down and turned himself around so he was straddling Siwon. Siwon’s eyes widened when Kyuhyun leveled his face with Siwon’s, their lips only a few inches apart.

“I said, do you like that?” Kyuhyun asked again, this time rolling his hips.

Siwon groaned and threw his head back against the chair, while Kyuhyun kept grinding down on Siwon’s cock. The older man was ridiculously hard, his hips moving on their own to meet Kyuhyun’s.

The younger man smirked and leaned forward, licking his way into Siwon’s mouth. His tongue ran over Siwon’s teeth and swept along the other man’s tongue. Siwon pulled Kyuhyun closer to him, their hips meeting with quick movements.

Kyuhyun ended the kiss and pulled back. He let out a breathy moan as he sucked a mark on to Siwon’s neck, his hips moving faster against Siwon. He moaned again and this time his hips stopped.

“Fuck,” he muttered, his voice breathless, and pulled away from Siwon. “That was good, thanks hyung.”

Kyuhyun stood up and adjusted his (now stained) boxers before walking away and leaving Siwon with possibly the largest erection of his life.

Siwon was mad. Mad at Kyuhyun for leaving him completely hard. Mad at Kyuhyun for using him. And he was especially mad that the only thing he could think about was fucking the younger man.

“You seem stressed,” Heechul said one morning. He slid into an empty seat at the table and grinned at Siwon. “Kyuhyun got your tongue?”


“I know everything,” Heechul interrupted, grabbing a piece of fruit from the bowl on the table. “And I may or may not have cameras around the dorms, you never know.”

Heechul got up and left the table before Siwon could even think of a response.

“Wait, cameras?!” Siwon frowned. “Heechul-hyung!”

The older man cackled from another room, shutting a door behind him. Just after, Henry walked in and took Heechul’s seat.

Siwon calmed himself down before turning to Henry. “Morning.”

“Morning,” Henry mumbled, hiding his face in his hands. He fought back a yawn and rubbed his eyes. “Can you pass me some juice?”

The juice was still in the fridge and as much as Siwon didn’t really want to get up, he felt sorry for Henry. The younger man looked like he was ready to fall out of his chair and sleep wherever he landed.

“Yeah sure.”

Siwon rummaged through the fridge for a minute, finally able to find the juice behind boxes of leftovers. He turned around to hand it off to Henry only to see Kyuhyun leaning against Henry’s back, his arms wrapped around the younger man’s shoulders. Siwon stiffened, but held his tongue against the strange rage building up.

“Henry, why are you so tired?” Kyuhyun said into Henry’s hair.

“I just stayed up too late. It’s not a big deal,” Henry replied before leaning back into Kyuhyun. He shut his eyes and seemed to dose off completely.

Kyuhyun looked at Siwon, who was still just standing there in anger, and smirked before tightening his hold on Henry. He dipped down to the younger man’s ear, his mouth barely brushing against Henry’s skin.

“You should try and take a nap later, Henry,” he said quietly, not breaking eye contact with Siwon.

“Yeah, whatever. Just let me go,” Henry complained and pushed away from Kyuhyun. “Siwon, can I have that jui- Wow, you look mad.”

Siwon handed Henry the juice carton, willing himself to calm down.

“No, I’m fine.” He left the room to calm down, but he didn’t miss the smirk Kyuhyun sent him before he did.

Kyuhyun had to be doing this to tease him or make him mad. Siwon frowned and shook his head. He didn’t want to admit Kyuhyun’s attempts to make him jealous were working. But… Well, they were. How else would he react when Kyuhyun was hanging off someone else every time Siwon was near him? It was on purpose, too. Siwon could tell from the looks Kyuhyun gave him.

Other members weren’t sure why he was so mad and on edge, but they were starting to keep a five foot distance from him at all times.

“You need to calm down,” Sungmin calmly told him while they were watching TV. “You’re starting to freak out the other members. Ryeowook thinks you’re going crazy. What’s wrong?”

Siwon sighed. “I just- I’m not sure.”

Sungmin gave his shoulder a pat. “We all have moments when we aren’t sure. Just work it out soon, okay?”

Those words were what inspired Siwon to finally talk with Kyuhyun about this… problem.

Of course Kyuhyun would have been sarcastic. Of course he would have laughingly denied everything Siwon said. Of course he would have pushed Siwon’s limits until the taller man pushed him against a wall.

“Can you stop and just listen?” Siwon said, his voice hard with barely restrained anger. “You’ve been driving me nuts for weeks, ever since-”

“Since when, hyung?” Kyuhyun asked, leaning forward so he was close enough to Siwon that the other man could feel Kyuhyun’s breathe on his lips. Siwon was staring at Kyuhyun’s mouth and the younger man decided to see how far he could push Siwon. He wet his lips with his tongue, pleased to see Siwon’s eyes follow the movement before looking back up.


Kyuhyun smirked. “When did this start, Siwon-hyung? Was it when I was hanging all over Henry? You seemed upset then. Or was it when I came in your lap, grinding on your cock and leaving you hard?”

Siwon felt his cock twitch at the memory and he broke eye contact briefly, just long enough for Kyuhyun to know that it was exactly that. Not that he didn’t already know it. He’d made a plan after all.

“So it was then. What if something like that happened again, only this time I decide to let you cum?” Kyuhyun slipped a hand to Siwon’s pants, rubbing his hardening cock through the material.

Siwon groaned, his head moving to rest against the wall while Kyuhyun unbuckled his belt, pulling Siwon’s pants and boxers down and wrapping a hand around Siwon’s cock. He leaned forward, kissing Siwon while he stroked the other man’s cock quickly. Siwon thrust into Kyuhyun’s hand and kissed the younger man deeply, his teeth hitting Kyuhyun’s.

Kyuhyun moaned into his mouth, turning them around so Siwon was against the wall. He pulled back from the kiss before dropping to his knees and slipping the head of Siwon’s cock into his mouth. His tongue swirled around the tip before he slid all the way down, taking all of Siwon’s length into his mouth. He swallowed before pulling back and setting a rhythm.

Looking up at Siwon, he met the other man’s eyes as he bobbed up and down. Siwon let out a load moan and he grabbed hold of Kyuhyun’s hair, keeping eye contact as Kyuhyun swallowed around him again before bobbing again.

“Shit, Kyuhyun,” he muttered. “Fuck.”

Kyuhyun slipped a hand down his own pants, stroking his cock in time to the rhythm he set on Siwon’s. He moaned, the sensation making Siwon moan again. The older man’s grip on Kyuhyun’s hair tightened and Kyuhyun started thrusting into his on hand.

“Kyuhyun, I’m – ah!”

Siwon’s cum spilled into Kyuhyun’s mouth, the younger man swallowing what he could. He pulled away from Siwon’s cock, stroking himself harder. He gasped in surprise when he felt Siwon’s hand slip around him.

Kyuhyun thrust into both their hands, letting out a breathy moan when he finally came. He pulled Siwon in for a kiss, his tongue sliding against Siwon’s before he pulled back.

He sighed, content, and smiled at Siwon. “Maybe next I’ll let actually let you fuck me.”

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