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oneshot; just tell me where you want your gift (super junior)

Title: Just Tell Me Where You Want Your Gift
Genre: Porn.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi/Eunhyuk
Length: 1,113 words.
A/N: this was supposed to just be kyuhyun/eunhyuk based on those gifs of eunhyuk getting soaked while blindfolded. zhou mi, the sneaky bitch, somehow wormed his way in here. have some porn guys. sooooo much thanks to [ profile] kitayama for helping me finish this up. ;~~; ♥ slurp~

“Kyuhyun, what- What exactly is this?”

“What’s it feel like?” Kyuhyun answered, whispering in the dancer’s ear. He tightened the ties around Eunhyuk’s wrists, the other man stuck on his knees with a blindfold cutting off his vision.

“It feels like you’re taking the sex up a level. We’ve never done blindfolds and being tied up before.” Eunhyuk tried to wiggle an arm, struggling to do so. “Oh wow, you really tied that tight, huh?”

Kyuhyun chuckled, trailing his hand down Eunhyuk’s stomach. He paused on the waistband to Eunhyuk’s boxers, his fingers teasing as he brought them back up the other man’s body before sliding into the tuffs of hair behind his neck.

He brought his lips to Eunhyuk’s jaw line, kissing a line down to the other man’s collarbone and sucking a mark there before moving to his neck. Kyuhyun’s other hand slipped down Eunhyuk’s boxers, fingers wrapping around Eunhyuk’s half-hard cock.

Eunhyuk whimpered, his hands twitching. “Let me touch you.”

Kyuhyun smirked against Eunhyuk’s neck. “But that’ll ruin the fun.”

“Then- Ah!” Eunhyuk moaned when Kyuhyun stroked his cock harder. He strained more against the restraints.

“That’s better,” Kyuhyun said. He kissed Eunhyuk, his tongue entering the other’s mouth right away. Eunhyuk’s pushed against his tongue before licking across Kyuhyun’s teeth, the younger man holding back a groan.

Kyuhyun ended the kiss, moving his lips to suck on Eunhyuk neck again and his fingers working faster along Eunhyuk’s cock. Eunhyuk threw his head back, a needy sigh coming out as he thrust his hips into Kyuhyun’s fist.

“More, Kyuhyun. Please,” he moaned.

Kyuhyun stopped sucking marks into Eunhyuk’s neck and took his hand off Eunhyuk’s cock. He smiled to himself at how Eunhyuk went still before letting out a whine.

“You’re a tease,” the dancer said, his lips forming a pout, only for his mouth to fall open in shock when he felt Kyuhyun’s lips slip around his cock. He couldn’t see Kyuhyun, but he could feel how hard the singer was sucking and could almost picture Kyuhyun’s cheeks hollowed out while he sucked.

Eunhyuk moaned, his hips moving, driving his cock deeper into Kyuhyun’s mouth. Kyuhyun’s hands held Eunhyuk’s hips still, making the dancer groan with annoyance, while Kyuhyun bobbed his head up and down.

The door opened and Eunhyuk froze when he heard it click shut. “Kyuhyun, there’s someone else in here. S-stop.”

Kyuhyun chuckled around Eunhyuk’s cock while someone else’s fingers thread through his hair.

“Do you not want me here,” an accented voice whispered in Eunhyuk’s ear.

“Z-zhou Mi?”

Eunhyuk felt the Chinese man nod against him, Zhou Mi’s lips tracing a path from Eunhyuk’s ear lobe down to his neck. Eunhyuk moaned when Zhou Mi bit lightly on the skin there. He let out another moan when Zhou Mi sucked, his hips thrusting quickly into Kyuhyun’s mouth.

He pulled on the restraints again, groaning when they were still tight.

“The least you could do is untie one hand,” he murmured, leaning his head to one side to give Zhou Mi more access.

“That’d ruin all the fun though,” Zhou Mi replied, his lips meeting Eunhyuk’s before he slipped away.

Seconds later, Eunhyuk heard Kyuhyun moan, the younger man’s lips leaving Eunhyuk’s cock. His nails dragged down Eunhyuk’s thighs lightly before his touch left the dancer’s body completely.

Eunhyuk groaned in frustration, muttering an angry, “Kyuhyun, what the fuck?” under his breath.

He felt the bed dip off to his left, someone’s hair brushing against his leg and the sound of Zhou Mi laughing softly reached his ears before the Chinese man let out a light sigh.

Eunhyuk furrowed his eyebrows together. Well, this wasn’t fair. He could hear the other two kissing, someone’s hand brushing quickly against his leg while their fingers run through the other’s hair.

Kyuhyun let out another moan, his hand pushed closer against Eunhyuk while Zhou Mi rested his head between Eunhyuk’s thigh and Kyuhyun’s forehead.

Small grunts and whimpers could be heard, the bed moving with a quick rhythm and Eunhyuk froze, listening for anything else to confirm what he thought was going on next to him.

"Kui Xian, fuck-" Zhou Mi moaned, his breath tickling the side of Eunhyuk’s leg. His hand briefly rubbed against Eunhyuk’s knee before sinking into the sheets when Kyuhyun picked up the pace.

“Come on, Zhou Mi,” Kyuhyun groaned. “I know you can go faster than this.”

“But- Ah!”

“Eunhyuk can’t see anyway, give me show.”

The two continued, ignoring Eunhyuk for a few more minutes. Finally having enough of being ignored on his own birthday, the dancer decided to speak up.

"What about me?" Eunhyuk asked. The bed stopped for a quick second before a hand wrapped around his cock. He thrust into it, moaning loudly at finally having someone touching him again.

The hand around him pumped in time to the rhythm Kyuhyun had set. It became more erratic, Zhou Mi moaning inbetween each thrust while another hand wrapped around Eunhyuk’s cock, this one more firm.

“Fuck, I- Kyuhyun~!”

One of the hands gently slipped away from Eunhyuk’s cock. The dancer figured out it was Zhou Mi’s when the familiar feel of Kyuhyun’s thighs wrapped around his waist, slowly lowering himself onto Eunhyuk’s cock.

He rolled his hips once he was adjusted and then began ride Eunhyuk. The older man reacted eagerly, thrusting into Kyuhyun like he had been wanting to since Kyuhyun had brought him into the room. Kyuhyun’s hands slipped around the dancer’s neck, pulling Eunhyuk in for a kiss, his tongue tangling with Eunhyuk’s before he pulled away and untied the blindfold.

The first thing Eunhyuk noticed was how bright the room was and he almost wished that he had the blindfold back on.

That wish vanished the moment he saw Kyuhyun. The younger man’s head was thrown back as he continued to ride Eunhyuk. He licked his lips, looking at Eunhyuk and leaning back in to kiss the older man.

Kyuhyun moaned into Eunhyuk’s mouth, Zhou Mi’s hand stroking Kyuhyun’s cock. Kyuhyun moved faster against Eunhyuk, ending their kiss again.

Zhou Mi mouthed against Eunhyuk’s neck. “I never wished you a happy birthday.”


Zhou Mi kissed him and Kyuhyun whimpered at the sight.

“Jesus- Fuck, that’s so hot.” He hissed as he tightened around Eunhyuk. Cum splattered Kyuhyun’s stomach and Zhou Mi’s hand as he rode Eunhyuk through his orgasm. Eunhyuk shuddered at the tight feel of Kyuhyun around him, his own cum spilling into Kyuhyun’s ass.

His head fell against Zhou Mi’s shoulder, worn out after so much. The silence was almost comfortable before Eunhyuk realized one thing.

“Can you untie me now?”

a/n 2: the tilde when zhou mi came never meant to actually happen. it was a typo, but i died so hard at it that i decided to keep it.

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Fuck. first time reading bottom!kyu and i think i like it >///<
dont untie hyuk! you can do another round(s) with Mi and Kyu!!!
thankyou for finishing and sharing the fic :D

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[identity profile] 2011-04-18 10:50 am (UTC)(link) This is just...unf. Eunhyuk/Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi is really far too gorgeous for me to even comprehend, and this is awesome and ridiculously hot and just. I can't even form coherent sentences.


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lol im so glad zhou mi wormed his way into the story...
but zhou mi is really skinny he can worm his way into all sorts of things...
that sounds a lot worse than what i originally meant lol

and the tilde was great... it made the moment seem, uh cute?

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well fuck.

this was great. *____*

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yes i'm sure~

would i lie to you~?

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This OT3 is kinda rare, but well, I like rare pairings/OT3(s)

He couldn’t see Kyuhyun, but he could feel how hard the singer was sucking and could almost picture Kyuhyun’s cheeks hollowed out while he sucked.
Sexy description is sexy. Fuck you for appearing so fucking hot in this fic, Cho Kyuhyun. And Lee Hyukjae. Oh, and Zhou Mi too.

Oh, if you have some time, would you mind making me a Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk/Donghae smut? xD
Not forcing, just saying, HAHA.