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oneshot; a stinking good time (super junior)

Title: A Stinking Good Time
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Porn.
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Henry
Length: 1591
A/N: [ profile] kitayama  and i have a theory that both henry and kyuhyun smell really bad. and kyury’s hot anyway.

Henry sits down on the couch next to Sungmin, his wifebeater sticking to him in the heat. He moves to lean on Sungmin’s shoulder, but the older man pushes him away.

“Henry, you smell so bad.” Sungmin gets up and moves to an empty chair. “I mean, sorry. I’d like to have you hang off me, but you really smell. It’s terrible, especially with this heat.”

Kyuhyun walks into the room, carrying an extra large bag of chips and his white t-shirt is showing pit stains. He sits down on the opposite side of the couch and digs his hand into the ship bag.

“You know you smell when Sungmin says no,” Kyuhyun states, his mouth full of half-chewed chips.

Sungmin wrinkles his nose. “You aren’t much better, Kyuhyun.”

“Yeah, well, I showered three days ago-”

“Kyuhyun, that’s disgusting!”

“Quiet Sungmin. When was the last time you showered, Henry?”

“About a we-”

“Exactly.” Kyuhyun sticks his hand into the chips again. “So, Sungmin, I am better. Besides, I was gaming.”

“... Whatever, I’m not staying in this room with the both of you smelling so bad.” Sungmin jumps up off the couch. “Siwon better not smell like this.

Kyuhyun shrugs and Henry shifts away from the other man. Even though the couch gave them about two feet of distance, it was too hot for any bit of body heat.

“Henry, five minutes ago you were ready to collapse on Sungmin-hyung and now you don’t want to be anywhere near someone?”

“You smell though.”

Kyuhyun looks up from the chip bag, glaring at Henry. “If I smell, you’re a garbage dump. Do I make you feel awkward, or did you really mean that?”

“... No, you really just smell.”

Kyuhyun wipes sweat from his forehead and stares at Henry. The room falls into an awkward silence (something that happened often when Kyuhyun was around, he was just an awkward guy) until Zhou Mi walks into the room. The tall man looks like the heat couldn’t touch him, because there was no sign that he had been sweating at all.

“I’m going shopping for a window air conditioner and maybe some new clothes. Would either of you- What is that smell?”

Kyuhyun smiles at Zhou Mi, bits of chip sticking to his cheeks.

“Is that the both of you? You both smell terrible and it’s completely- Kui Xian you have chip on your face.” He walks to Kyuhyun and pulls out a handkerchief, quickly wiping the food off of Kyuhyun’s face, who is doing his best to smile innocently at the older man.

Henry furrows his brow while watching the scene. He shifts closer to the two and clears his throat.

“I... I could have gotten that, you didn’t need to do it Zhou Mi.”

Kyuhyun glances at Henry quickly before murmuring, "You were too far away on the couch. There wasn't anything you could have done."

“It’s easier than Zhou Mi walking over here.”

Henry scoots down the couch until he is next to Kyuhyun. “I’m closer now, how’s that?”

“Too late,” Kyuhyun replies.

“Is not.” Henry takes Zhou Mi’s handkerchief and wipes away the last few crumbs before shoving the cloth back into Zhou Mi’s hand.

Zhou Mi takes a step back, eyebrows raised. “I’m just... gonna go ask the others if they want to go with me.”

“What about us?” Kyuhyun asks, purposely ignoring Henry.

Zhou Mi scrunches up his face. “You both smell really bad. It’d be really... Well, it just wouldn’t be nice to have you expose that to others.”


“You both should shower,” Zhou Mi says quickly before leaving the room to gather the other members.

As soon as he leaves the room, Henry shoves Kyuhyun hard and frowns.

“Don’t ignore me,” he pouts, the heat making him angrier than he really is.

Kyuhyun laughs quietly to himself and eats another handful of chips.

Henry pushes him again, frustration growing with each crunch from Kyuhyun’s chips. “I said-”

“Yeah, I heard you.” He eats a few more before turning to Henry. “I didn’t feel like answering.”

Henry scoffs before pulling the bag of chips away from Kyuhyun. He crumbles the bag best he csn and throws it, then turning back to Kyuhyun. He pushes the other man down against the cushions and climbs on top of him.

“You’ve already got fucking crumbs all over your face again, it’s only been five minutes, you’re so annoying!”

“That took too long.” Kyuhyun says, wiggling provocatively under him and he laughs.

“What are you-”

He’s cut off by Kyuhuyn’s lips meeting his, the feeling of Kyuhyun’s mouth against him almost too warm in this heat but at the same time he doesn’t want the other man to stop.

Kyuhyun’s hand grasps the back of Henry’s shirt, pushing Henry closer to him before slipping his hand down to Henry’s ass and squeezing. Henry gasps into Kyuhyun’s mouth, grinding his hips against Kyuhuyn’s.

Henry gasps again when Kyuhyun’s tongue teases his own and before he can realize what’s going on, Kyuhyun flips them over and straddles Henry.

Kyuhyun breaks the kiss and laughs into Henry’s neck before his tongue makes a wet path to Henry’s collarbones. Henry’s hips buck up when Kyuhyun bites the skin lightly before sucking the skin.

Kyuhyun palms at Henry’s stomach, pushing the shirt up so he could roam the skin freely. He moves his thigh and slips it between Henry’s legs, rubbing it against Henry’s erection. Kyuhyun kisses Henry again and slides his hand down the other’s pants. His fingers wrap around Henry’s cock, fondling the hard member with fast strokes and his thumb slides quickly over the slit.

He laughs into the kiss when Henry thrusts into his hand and strokes faster. Henry moans, his hips matching the pace Kyuhyun set and he pulls on the back of Kyuhyun’s shirt and pants on to Kyuhyun’s shoulder.

“Someone got eager,” Kyuhyun grunts, rubbing his own erection against Henry’s leg.

“Oh, shut up.” Henry pulls Kyuhyn’s mouth back against his, nibbling on the other man’s bottom lip before kissing Kyuhyun fully and thrusting harder.

It was starting to get too hot. Their shirts were bunched up and their stomachs sticking to the other’s. Henry lets out another moan when Kyuhyun twists his wrist quickly, making the younger man cum.

Kyuhyun wipes his hand on the couch and smirks at Henry before getting up. His cock is still hard as he pulls Henry up.

“Do you want me to-”

“Nope. It’s too hot out here. Let’s hop in the shower.” He kisses Henry again and leads the way down the hall to the bathroom. Kyuhyun locks the door behind them and pulls off his shirt.

“Henry, get naked,” Kyuhyun says, slipping off his pants and underwear.

Henry quickly takes off his clothes while Kyuhyun starts the water. The older man steps into the shower and holds the curtain open for Henry. He steps in and Kyuhyun’s hands wrap around his body.

A citrusy scent hits Henry’s nose and he looks down to see soap suds covering his torso.

“Is that Zhou Mi’s body wash?” he asks with a laugh.

Kyuhyun kisses Henry’s neck before replying with a soft, “Yes.”

“I hope he doesn’t get mad about it-”

“Are you seriously worrying about Zhou Mi’s body wash while I’m trying to feel you up?” Kyuhyun’s hand slips down to Henry’s ass, briefly squeezing a cheek before he puts more body wash into his hand.

He slips a finger into Henry’s ass, making the younger man moan while he pushes it in and out. Kyuhyun slips a second finger in and begins to scissor. Henry pushes his ass back into Kyuhyun’s fingers, wanting more.

“Face the wall,” Kyuhyun says, his mouth brushing against Henry’s ear, “and hold the bar.”

Henry does as he is told and grasps the bar firmly while Kyuhyun grips his hips. Kyuhyun strokes his own cock with the body wash to substitute as lube and thrusts into Henry.

“Fuck, Henry, you’re so tight,” Kyuhyun groans, forcing himself to keep still until he’s sure Henry has adjusted.

“I.. I’m ready,” Henry said and thrusts his hips back. Kyuhyun takes advantage of this and starts a fast pace, slamming into Henry.

The younger man moans, the sound louder in the shower than it was on the couch and Kyuhyun relishes in the noises Henry makes. He reaches around Henry and takes hold of the other man’s cock, pumping in time to their thrusts.

Kyuhyun thrusts harder and deeper into Henry, feeling his orgasm approach quickly. He rides it out, slamming into the younger boy and continues to stroke Henry’s cock.

Henry arches his back while he comes, cum covering Kyuhyun’s hand. The older man removes his cock from Henry’s ass and turns Henry around. He shoves the younger man back against the wall, licking his fingers clean before kissing Henry deeply.

Kyuhyun pulls back and smirks. “If all showers like this, would you clean yourself more?”

“You’re really good at ruining the mood,” Henry mutters before pulling Kyuhyun in for another kiss.

“What the hell you guys?!” Sungmin says, walking into the living room with his nose plugged. “It smells worse in here! You can’t tell me you both showered when it smells like this.”

“Hyung, there’s a stain on the couch,” Ryeowook says, pointing at said spot.

Kyuhyun bursts out laughing. Sungmin turns to the two youngest members, eyes narrowed.

“You did not. On the couch.”

“Oh but we did,” Kyuhyun replies, grabbing the abandoned bag of chips.

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