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[002] oneshot; give me the chance (super junior)

Title: Give Me The Chance
Genre: Romance?
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Donghae/Henry (main), Henry/others
Length: 2844 words.
Summary: Henry only sleeps around to dull the ache from loving Donghae. Except it doesn't work that way.
A/N: For Liz, because she pressured me. :| ♥

A sigh, a couple of moans, and Kyuhyun telling Henry to go faster, his hands glued to the younger’s hair while Henry sucked him off.

A usual Saturday night for the both of them, in some room away from the massive weekly party that Heechul threw. Both were beyond drunk, not really sure why they always ended up doing this (especially when they both liked other people), but neither really complained when it took away all the stress and sexual tension they gained during the week.

Henry licked the head of Kyuhyun’s cock after the older man came and leaned away, licking his own lips to make sure he got the remains of Kyuhyun’s come off of him. Kyuhyun pulled him up off his knees for a quick kiss- he had a thing for tasting himself in Henry’s mouth- before starting the attempt to look decent and like he didn’t just get one of the best blowjobs of his life.

“Hyung, I’m pretty sure Changmin will be able to tell what happened whether you try and fix yourself up or not,” Henry mumbled, his words muffled a bit from him trying to nip and suck at Kyuhyun’s neck.

The older man sighed. “You know, we really need to stop this... this thing.”

Henry looked up at him, his eyes squinting in confusion and hand still gripping the collar of Kyuhyun’s button-down shirt where he was moving it to the side for better access. “Why?”

“C-Changmin... And you still like Donghae-hyung, don’t you?” Kyuhyun played with Henry’s hair a bit before stopping himself and shaking his head. “What are we messing around for when we like other people?”

“It’s fun?” Henry shrugged. “We aren’t officially dating either of them. Sure, you and Changmin are pretty much married but Donghae doesn’t even notice me like that. He’s my best friend and if he doesn’t feel the same why fuck it up when I could fuck you?”


“Don’t give me that look, you know it’s true!” Henry sighed and leaned in to nip Kyuhyun’s jaw line one last time, ruffling the older man’s hair back to its messy state despite Kyuhyun’s yelp. “Anyway, let’s go back. I kind of want to dance.”

They left their secluded area, Henry not even trying to make it look like he didn’t just get his mouth fucked raw and hair tugged completely out of place when he left the room. Kyuhyun followed behind him, glaring openly at Henry as they made their way to a nearby table.

Grabbing Changmin and himself a beer each, Kyuhyun wondered off into the crowd while Henry sat down next to Sungmin, leaning on the other man’s shoulder.

“You smell like sex,” was the first thing Sungmin said to him and Henry grinned at him.

“You can be next if you want, hyung,” Henry whispered into Sungmin’s ear, his hand landing on the older man’s upper inner thigh. “Kyuhyun didn’t get more than my mouth tonight.”

Sungmin shook his head, but let Henry’s hand stay and didn’t even jump when it moved to cup the front of his jeans. “You really need to stop this little sleeping around habit of yours, Henry. Not saying you’re bad in bed, but word gets around to people fast and I know for a fact that you don’t want Do-”

“So are we or aren’t we?” Henry interrupted, his free hand taking Sungmin’s drink. He took a large gulp of the heavy drink and stared at Sungmin, waiting for an answer while his other hand rubbed Sungmin through his pants.

Sungmin sighed. “Yeah, sure. I’ve got nothing better to do.” He paused and looked at Henry, who just smirked. “Literally.”

“I know that’s supposed to hurt, but it just turned me on a little.”

With a roll of his eyes, Sungmin was leading Henry back to the room Henry was just in with Kyuhyun, Henry’s hands down his pants before the door was even shut.

Sungmin was never really gentle when it came to Henry, and that’s what the younger enjoyed most about it. Sungmin was rough, quick, and never left Henry with too little. He would slam hard into Henry, hitting just where Henry wanted him to and made him shout while pulling his hair to keep his neck arched so Sungmin could litter it with marks.

He always limped for a few days after Sungmin was done with him, but Henry always jumped for the chance to let Sungmin do it all over again.

Henry was left panting for air when Sungmin came inside him, his eyes shut and a smug smile on his face.

“Fuck, hyung. No one would guess you’re that intense in bed.”

“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Sungmin asked, his hands still gripping Henry’s hips tight.

Henry laughed. “Only in the best way.”

They both moved forward, catching each other in a deep kiss. Sungmin pulling at Henry’s hair again and making the younger man writhe under him. Henry released a moan before kissing Sungmin quickly several times, none of them chaste.

They rolled around until Henry ended up on top, straddling Sungmin and still kissing him hungrily, his hips already ready for more.

Sungmin broke the kiss. “You’re insatiable. I’m tired, get off.”

“What does it look like I’m trying to do?” Henry asked, his hand reaching to grip himself before Sungmin slapped it away.

“I mean it Henry. Go away for a bit, you wore me out.” Sungmin laid his head down and covered his eyes with his arm.

Henry kissed Sungmin one last time before rolling off his hyung and putting his clothes back on, not really bothering to make sure his shirt was buttoned properly. It’d most likely be off again soon anyway.

He walked out of the room and almost right into Donghae, almost jumping at the sight of his longtime crush. And best friend. And roommate.

“Hi, Donghae-hyung,” he said cheerfully. “How’s your night? You look a little ruffled.”

Donghae fumbled to flatten his hair, most likely messy from dancing with one of the others earlier. “You look about ten times worse than I probably do.”

Henry tried to ignore the way Donghae was looking at him, almost like a protective older brother would. That’s not how he wanted Donghae to look at him.

“I’m fine,” he replied, sticking his hands in his pockets and starting to walk over to the drinks table.

“Be safe,” Donghae said quietly, not following Henry.

Henry had liked Donghae for years, since he first came to Seoul at the beginning of his college education. He had roomed with Zhou Mi, one of Kyuhyun’s friends and met Donghae that way. Almost inseparable after that, they decided to buy an apartment together when they finished school.

Henry being completely, totally, stupidly in love with the guy didn’t help anything. He knew Donghae would never like him back and he figured the only way to deal with it was to get 100% wasted every weekend and fuck around.

It didn’t help the ache he felt whenever he even heard Donghae’s name, but it numbed it. Almost.

He sighed, drank himself stupid, and jumped up instantly at Hyukjae’s invitation to dance with him.

They made it to the dance floor before Henry stuck his hands in Hyukjae’s back pockets and pulled the older man as close as possible, his hands groping and squeezing Hyukjae’s ass as the other rolled his hips against Henry’s.

Hyukjae mouthed the words of the song against the skin on Henry’s neck, the light, warm puffs of air sending tiny jolts down to Henry’s cock before he turned Hyukjae around in his arms, the older man’s ass nestled against his front.

One hand gripped Hyukjae’s hips and the other was rubbing Hyukjae through his jeans, enjoying the quiet, restrained whimpers Hyukjae let out while he nipped the older man’s earlobe and pulled it gently with his teeth.

“Come on, hyung, be a little loud. No one can hear you over the music except me,” Henry muttered into Hyukjae’s ear. He unbuttoned Hyukjae’s jeans, slipping his hand down to wrap around the other’s cock and stroked it. “Moan for me, Hyukjae-hyung.”

Hyukjae’s hips bucked and he bit his bottom lip to hold back the moan Henry wanted.

“Hyung, please. All I want is to hear the sounds you’re making.” Henry moved his mouth’s attention to Hyukjae’s neck, nipping the skin while he quickened his hand’s pace, finally getting Hyukjae to let out a moan. “That’s better.”

He rewarded his hyung with a twist of his wrist, receiving another loud moan that included his name. Henry bucked his hips, thrusting against Hyukjae’s ass for some kind of relief.

Hyukjae let out a shuddering gasp, leaning back against Henry completely after he came. Henry wiped his hand on Hyukjae boxers while he kept moving his hips, eventually letting out a low groan when he came.

He held Hyukjae against him until Hyukjae turned around and smiled nervously at him.

“Donghae looks pissed,” Hyukjae mumbled and Henry looked up, catching his best friend’s eye.

He knew he was beyond drunk when all he did was wave at Donghae like his roommate didn’t just watch him jack their friend off. There was no ache either, so that was a bit of a plus.

“Donghae-hyung!” he cheered, leaving Hyukjae to skip over to Donghae. He grinned happily, not losing it for even a second when all Donghae did was shake his head and sigh.

“Come on, let’s go home.” He tugged Henry out of party, holding him up while they walked home.

Henry all but clung to him, his arms tight around Donghae while he leaned his chin on Donghae’s shoulder. He giggled (Henry would deny that when he was sober), playing with Donghae’s hair.

“Hyung, I love you,” he said. Donghae’s shoulders tensed up and the older man just sighed again.

“No you don’t. You’re drunk.”

“No, hyung really. I lo-”

“Henry, let’s play the Quiet Game until we get home. I don’t want to hear it from you right now.”

In the morning, Henry would remember none of his love confessions to Donghae and the next week, the same confessions would happen in the same way with the same response.

It always happened this way.

“I’m not going to Heechul’s this week,” Donghae told Henry.

Henry paused while he was fixing his hair in the mirror and turned to look at Donghae. “Wait, why? You’ve never missed one.”

Donghae just shrugged. “Go and have fun. You’ll find someone to bring you home, right?”

“Y-yeah,” Henry replied, nodding. The ache was there, ten-fold this time, but he went out anyway. He definitely wanted to be numb to it tonight.

Three hours into the party and Henry was still sitting in the seat he found when he got there with his first, and only, beer untouched.

He sighed sadly and looked around. The usual people were there; Kyuhyun sitting in Changmin’s lap, Sungmin off in a far corner with Siwon, and Hyukjae on the dance floor with Zhou Mi. But something was different tonight, something didn’t feel right about being there and messing around with everyone.

“You should go home,” Heechul said, sitting down next to Henry. “You look like someone killed your pet bird.”

“Don’t joke about Birdie like that,” Henry replied.

“But no really,” Heechul went on, ignoring Henry, “you should go home. You miss Donghae, you don’t feel right being here without him. But he’s not the one you mess with when you’re here. Tell me, Henry- Why do you think he didn’t come tonight?”

“He... didn’t feel good?”

“Jesus, you’re dumb. He loves you.”

“Yeah, like a litt-”

“No, don’t start that shit. You’ve been breaking his heart every week for over three years which makes no sense to me, because I know that you love him too. Now go home and confess.”

Henry blinked at Heechul, who just rolled his eyes and grabbed Henry’s beer for himself before he walked away.

It took Henry two seconds after that to get up and go home, running the whole way there.

He unlocked the door to his apartment and walked into the living room where Donghae was watching Finding Nemo on the couch, snuggled beneath several blankets with tissues. Henry wouldn’t ask about the tissues, which he just shoved aside when he leaned over Donghae and kissed him fully, his fingers threading through Donghae’s hair.

Donghae pulled back a bit and stared at Henry. “Henry... I thought you-”

“I love you. I’m completely sober, so I mean it. I love you. I have loved you since the middle of sophomore year when you told me you couldn’t sleep without at least five stuffed animals around you and the sound of a humidifier. I have loved you since we went out to eat at 4:30 in the morning after exams, got pancakes and bacon but couldn’t taste them because we decided to be brave and get high with whatever those drama kids you used to know had and we just laughed on each other until they finally kicked us out at 7. I love you, I’ve always loved you, and I always will love you, okay?”

“Then what about every week at Heechul’s? Sleeping around doesn’t seem like you love me...”

Henry sighed and sat on Donghae’s lap. “I did that to try and dull the pain from loving you. I guess. I thought you only saw me as a kid and it just... hurt. I’m sorry.”

Donghae nuzzled Henry’s shoulder before looking up at him. “Are you done with that?”

Henry nodded, leaning back down to kiss Donghae. “Yes, fuck yes.”

“Good.” Donghae smiled into the kiss Henry lightly pressed against his lips.

“I-I want to take this slow,” Henry mumbled against Donghae’s mouth.

Donghae shook his head. “I don’t. Not after waiting all this time for you to grow out of your slutty phase.”

“I wasn’t th-”

“Slutty phase!” Donghae yelled. He then laughed and wrapped his arms around Henry, trying to wiggle the younger man under the blankets with him for some cuddling. It wasn’t like Henry could say no.

“A-Are you sure, hyung?” Henry asked a few hours later.

“Very,” Donghae replied, licking a path down Henry’s chest, the other man laying down on Donghae’s bed with his shirt off and pants unbuttoned. “Been wanting this for years, Henry.”

Henry nodded, suddenly very shy about his skills in bed. He wanted to impress Donghae, not come off like a wanton whore. He gasped though when Donghae’s tongue dipped into his bellybutton before he pulled Henry’s pants and boxers down to his thighs with his teeth.

Donghae’s hands worked them the rest of the way off while he kissed his way up Henry’s thighs and kissed the head of Henry’s cock when he got there, smirking at the noise Henry made.

“You’re easy, aren’t you?”

“N-no, just-”

“Make sure you pull my hair.” That was the only warning Henry got before Donghae slipped Henry’s dick into his mouth, sucked on the head for a bit before taking more of Henry in and starting a rhythm.

Henry tugged at Donghae’s hair and attempted to thrust into his mouth, but Donghae’s hands on his hips prevented that and Henry groaned.

Donghae was good with his mouth, his tongue licking its’ way up and down Henry’s shaft while he bobbed his head in time and it wasn’t long before Henry came into Donghae mouth.

Swallowing all of it, Donghae looked Henry in the eye as he slipped Henry’s cock from his mouth and wiped his lips with his thumb, sucking it clean right after. Henry whimpered at the sight and then gasped in surprise right after when Donghae stuck a slick finger into Henry’s ass.

When did he even apply the lube?

He worked Henry open on his fingers, keeping the pace slow until Henry was moaning loudly and almost fucking himself on Donghae’s fingers, his hips still being lightly held.

“Do you want me in you, Henry?” Donghae asked. Henry nodded in response, but Donghae slowed his fingers down, barely moving them. “I asked you if you wanted me to fuck you, Henry.”

Henry groaned and nodded again. “Yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Fucking hell, hyung. Yes, Donghae, fuck me.”

Donghae smirked again, removed his fingers completely, and smirked. “That’s better.”

He slipped his cock into Henry, waiting for the younger man to nod before he began thrusting hard and long, craving Henry’s moans and the sight of the younger biting his lip while he met Donghae’s thrusts.

He kissed Henry lovingly and stroked the other until Henry came hard over their stomachs, moaning Donghae’s name. Donghae came shortly after, carefully slipping out of Henry when he was done and then kissed Henry again.

“I love you,” he whispered against Henry’s cheek when he finished cleaning them both up and tucked Henry under the covers next to him.

“Mmm, love you more,” was the sleepy reply he got before Henry fell asleep in his arms.