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drabble collections #3 (super junior, khalil fong)

I asked for some pairings and maybe a few prompts a little bit ago and finally was able to get half of them done~

#1: het!Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk, college!au, fluff, PG. 250 words.

He had seen her on campus, nose stuck in a book or a timid smile on her face while she chatted with friends. Her hair would fall close to her shoulders and her side bag was even with her usual skirts or dresses while her legs would awkwardly (beautifully, to Kyuhyun) still as she tried to figure out where to go.

Kyuhyun couldn’t look away when they walked by each other, his fingers aching to take out his camera and snap a ridiculously cliche picture that would end up circulating the internet until she found it and wondered what weird pervert would take a picture of her.

He didn’t even know her name, but looked forward to walking by her everyday. It was a shock when mutual friends introduced them for a date, her shy smile finally focused on him when they shook hands.

“Cho Kyuhyun,” he forced himself to say, holding onto her hand just a little longer than he needed to.

This only made her cheeks flush and she stuttered out her name. “Lee Eunja.”

It was then that he realized he could already be in love.

He was a photography major and she an English major (“Creative Writing,” she would always correct with a laugh) and Eunja got used to his camera always being out, his finger a little shutter happy when she was around. Eunja stopped shying away when he leaned in close for a quick shot of her smile when she learned he’d kiss her right after.

#2: Eunhyuk/Ryeowook, fluff, PG. 215 words.

“Hyukjae-hyung, cooking really isn’t that hard, I promise,” Ryeowook said, standing behind Hyukjae who was in front of the stove trying to figure out a recipe.

After the fiasco that was Hyukjae and Kyuhyun cooking together in China, Ryeowook decided that at least one of the two should now how to cook. And since Kyuhyun didn’t even know how to cook instant noodles, Hyukjae seemed like the better of the two. He should at least know how to cook a few things.... maybe.

Hyukjae turned around to face Ryeowook and sighed. "I'm just as useless in the kitchen as Kyuhyun. I don't see how this will help."

He paused and pouted at Ryeowook. The younger man felt a flutter in his stomach and instead stepped closer.

"What's hard about it, hyung?" he asked, spinning the dancer back towards the stove and leaning his chin on Hyukjae's shoulder, his arms wrapping loosely around Hyukjae's waist. "You know I'll help no matter what. I won't laugh at you either."

"I can't. I can't understand the recipe?" Hyukjae blushed after confessing this and Ryeowook couldn’t help but hold the older man tighter.

He smiled sadly, a little humored at the same time though. “It’s okay, Hyukjae-hyung. I’ll help you.”

#3: Yesung/Ryeowook, domestic!au with crossdressing, PG-13. 273 words. for [ profile] thundersquall.

Tie off, briefcase on the table, sleeves rolled up. Jongwoon had a system when he got home from work and this system was relaxing in front of the tv with a plate of food from Ryeowook who would snuggle in next to Jongwoon every night.

Tonight though, there was no Ryeowook bustling in the kitchen and no food being cooked. Jongwoon felt a little lost, like his world was tipped from Ryeowook not being there.

He heard a small cough on his left and looked over to see Ryeowook was standing in the doorway of the bedroom.

In a dress. A short little pale blue dress and a wig with braided pigtails. He was blushing and looking shyly at the ground.

"S-sorry dinner isn't ready. I felt like trying this on and then got carried away with it. It'd be a waste of time to not wear it for a bit."

Jongwoon waved him over, still shocked Ryeowook was in a dress. The younger man shuffled over and sat down next toJongwoon, who had to hold back a groan over the fact that his boyfriend was wearing tights too.

“You’re too much, Ryeowook,” Jongwoon commented, running a finger down one of the braids and then suddenly pulling the smaller man onto his lap.

Ryeowook let out a squeak and wiggled in Jongwoon's lap.

The older man groaned again and a small smile formed on Ryeowook's face. This time the younger man rolled his hips against Jongwoon, knowing exactly what he was doing.

"You tease." Jongwoon gripped Ryeowook’s hips. This would be better than the dinner he came home expecting.

#4: Khalil Fong/Ryeowook, au, fluff, PG. 167 words. for [ profile] sook. sorry it isn't longer bb, i don't think i know khalil well enough to give it more with the way i wrote it.

He wasn't used to being Datong to someone anymore. Only Khalil. But when Ryeowook said his name, his real name, he couldn't help the dopey smile that happened.

“Mmm, ge~” Ryeowook said over his bubble tea, crossing his legs and getting comfortable on their bench in the park. “Are you sure that I don’t need to pay you back for this?”

By ‘this’, he meant the bubble tea and several little pasteries he had wanted earlier that Khalil couldn’t resist getting the younger man.

“It’s fine, Lix- R-ryeowook.” He stuttered out the other man’s Korean name at the last second, hoping to make him smile like the sun. It worked too well and he couldn’t help but smile as well.

“Then it’s on me next time,” Ryeowook said before taking a sip of his drink.

“N-next time? There’s going to be a next time?” Shock ran through him and then he jumped completely when Ryeowook slid their fingers together.

“I’d love a next time, Datong.”

#5: het!Henry/Sungmin, high school!au, general, PG-13. 192 words.

Her school skirts were short, more than halfway up her thighs and her school sweater nearly covered the skirt completely.

This didn't stop Henry for thinking Sungson was the prettiest girl he had ever seen.

His awkward Korean and their age difference was what stopped him from talking to her but one day she flounced up to him, snapping her bubble gum with a wide smile over her pretty face.

"Henry-ah~" she said with a giggle before putting on a playful pout and toeing the ground with her high heeled shoe. "We're only in Music together but you never talk to me. Do you hate me?"

"O-of course not, n-noona!" Henry stuttered before mentally slapping himself. "Why don't we h-hang out after school today?"

He could imagine Jungmo-hyung shaking his head behind Henry. Sungson had a bad reputation for going through boys quickly but not after playing with them.

After stepping out of Sungson's car dazed, with hair messier than he'd like, and covered in cherry red lipgloss, Henry decided he didn't really care about that if she'd touch him all over like that again.

#6: Eunhyuk/Sungmin, angst, R-ish? 152 words.

Fast and mostly hard was how Hyukjae and Sungmin fucked. There was no time for loving embraces in the shower since they were supposed to be saving water. No time for kisses that lasted many minutes and countless gasps between schedules.

It just hurt both of them more than half of the time. They both knew they felt more than friendship for each other.

"We can't risk it though," Sungmin would mutter into Hyukjae's hair while they dried each other off. One of them had to be sensible and it wasn't going to be the waiting-for-romance Hyukjae.

The dancer tried though. He'd lean in quickly to give Sungmin the sweetest kisses the older man would ever experience before he force himself to break them or force the moment to become needy and sexual.

Sharing showers was causing nothing more than a dirty emotional mess for both of them.

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i really need to play around in the kyuhyun/eunja and henry/sungson universes sometime.

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i shall at least try.